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ASK-EHS is a globally trusted organization. We have been providing world class Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) services to our clients since 2001. We work in all ranges of industry, from manufacturing and construction to pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, consumer goods, public utilities, and nuclear power plants.

We are proud to have colleagues in United States of America to expand the reach of our services.

Our ASK-EHS USA based team can deliver effective EHS solutions. All our USA based EHS experts have over 25 years’ experience and have worked in Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. The team has prestigious certifications such as: Juris Doctorate (Attorney), Certified Safety Professional, and Professional Engineers (PE). Also, our technology consulting team is comprised of seasoned professionals with several years of domain experience and technology expertise. We have industry certified professionals delivering cutting edge solutions to meet your business needs. We engage with Global Technology giants like Microsoft/Oracle/SAP to deliver best in class solutions.

Together, we enable and support our clients to manage EHS issues while complying with regulatory requirements and improving business performance.

We take pride in offering high-level solutions across a broad range of consulting practice areas.

Below are just some of our safety solutions:

Safety Leadership and Culture

Safety Leadership is a vital component of any Safety, Health & Environment process. We can help you implement Safety Leadership and overcome challenges at every level of the organization.  We can measure, analyse, and benchmark the safety to take your company to the highest levels of safety. 

Behavioral Leadership Solutions

Focused feedback is the key to any good Behavior-Based Safety system.  Our observation data management system contains the data analysis, corrective action tracking, and reporting that enables you to easily track “Percent Safe” scores of multiple locations.

Near Miss Reporting

Keep all employees engaged and involved with near miss reporting and use investigation results to improve safety systems, hazard control, risk reduction, and lessons learned

OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001

Our internal teams are certified lead auditors and can help implement and/or improve your systems.  Use these standards to minimize liabilities, enhance your company image, ensure safety of employees, and ensure regulatory awareness and compliance. 

Safety Training

We develop and deliver customised training programs, fit to your need, that will help your employees become competent and leaders in health & safety.  Training will help your company avoid high financial costs of accidents and ill health.


We deliver workshops for safe leaders, supervisors, and coaching for safety to empower all employees to improve safety performance.  We focus on critical risks, leadership, competence, analytics, systems, and process.

Expert Consulting

Our consultants are former fortune 500 and FTSE 100 executives each with 25+ years in various industry environments.

Balanced Scorecards and Proactive Measures

We partner with you to develop a balanced scorecard to ensure the organization is aligned to the strategic EHS plan and management system.   

Software Solution

Our Customized EHS software solutions have helped many organizations to streamline, organize and attain fantastic results. Generate reports, analytical overviews, identify bottlenecks and have a bird’s eye view of EHS operations on the go.

Training Video/Animation Service

At ASK-EHS, we have an in-house Animation studio. we combine vast creative animation development with practical work experience of mainstream EHS; to bring out amazing, result oriented EHS videos. Our EHS Experts are involved right from the conceptual phase, including detailed study of requirement, client procedures / policies, analysis of purpose and key areas to be highlighted to achieve the goals.

The Key Focus Areas of our Animation service:

Our Team

Our senior EHS consultants have over 25 years of EHS experience and are a mix of certified professionals, lawyers, and professional engineers from all types of industries.

Also, our technology consulting team is comprised of seasoned professionals with domain experience and technological expertise. We are industry certified professionals delivering cutting edge solutions to meet your business needs. We engage with Global Technology giants like Microsoft/Oracle/SAP to deliver best in class solutions.

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1-336-708-6390 phil.ehs@ask-ehs.com

Testimonials Our Customers Say:

We recently engaged ASK-EHS for addressing some of the challenges we face while training workmen globally. We found their understanding of EHS and safety procedures, to be exceptional. The team’s ability to create safety animation videos independently was a key differentiator that we experienced in our several conversations with them. Their ability to understand the intricate processes and seamlessly translate them into animation was a key achievement.

We liked the young team’s enthusiasm, ability to listen and ensure quick turnaround times on all aspects of the project. We have worked with the ASK-EHS team to develop safety animated e-learning movies on various subjects & found their work up to mark.

Kunal Shelat (Enironment, Safety & Health Manager)


ASK-EHS’ services have been beneficial and helped to lift the standard of Safety within our organization, by making personnel aware at various establishments in different countries, about the near misses or accidents, using the medium of Animation.


ASK-EHS have managed to produce animation movies based on real incidents with limited information.

The animation movies are a vital part of our safety behavior training programme and have been designed to be discussed in group exercises. The movie gives the viewer a clear understanding of how an incident can escalate very quickly into an accident with people being injured.

Kathleen Coward (HSE Project Coordinator)


It is really great to work with ASK-EHS. The animations created by ASK-EHS were really fantastic and fulfilling our requirement

B N Bondare ( Manager – Fire & Safety )


Our Clients

  • Kiewit Corporation Limited
  • Flex Steel Pipeline Technologies, Inc.
  • GKN Driveline Ltd
  • Sun Edison Limited
  • World vision International
  • Godenberg SchneiderL, PA ( GS )
  • Equion Energia Limited
  • Jacob Deniel