Devastating Explosions at the Chinese port city of Tianjin: ...

Last week had been very grim for China as devastating chemical explosions occurred at the warehouse facilities of Tianjin raising apocalyptic fireballs into the sky. Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics is the company that owned the warehouse.

The explosions were so huge that they were seen from space. Japan meteorological agency released some satellite images which shows a white spot at the center of the photo – getting bigger. This image shown here was taken on 12 August.

Not only this killed and injured huge manpower but simultaneously posed serious questions over the emergency preparedness, awareness and industrial safety in China.

Versatile Protection by ELCB- A Brief Case

A 4-pole ELCB, providing passage to balanced 3 phase & 1 neutral through it’s torroid forming the primary winding of the sensitive current transformer, serves very effectively to guard against leaking current of the order of 5 mA – 30 mA -50 mA and beyond , with prompt clearance of the leaking circuit in a matter of 30-50-100….m.seconds.The consumer side is distributed 3-phase loads plus some single-phase loads. Problem arises when the main 3-phase, 4 wire balanced supply line is switched off by the supply agency and alternative stand-by 3-phase balanced supply is not available.

The gap may be asked to fulfill with 3 Nos separate sources of 1-phase diesel generators, the voltage of which shall be