Case Study

This is How India’s Leading Manufacturers of Foundry Grade Pig Iron & Ductile Iron Pipes Achieved their Training Goals through eLearning

This is How India’s Leading Manufacturers of Foundry Grade Pig Iron & Ductile Iron Pipes Achieved their Training Goals through eLearning

5 universal eLearning modules customized to suit the organization’s targets

Business Case

The most influential line of business of India’s most respected group of Industries, wanted to ensure that the pandemic did not become a reason to halt their training sessions. With the onset of implementing safe practices in terms of ensuring the maintenance of social distancing & limiting public gatherings, there was a huge challenge posed to be tackled.

Having previously associated with ASK-EHS & availed its services of EHS Trainings, Manpower & Animation, it was evident for them to turn to ASK-EHS & seek for a solution that would parallel; with their intention was the immediate thing to do.

The Solution

Although the units were spread across the states of India, their immediate attention was to implement online learning at their prevalent unit. The HSE head overseeing the operations of the unit wanted to implement trainings on the following 5 topics:-

  • Working at Height
  • Confined space entry
  • Road Safety
  • Incident Investigation methodology
  • Electrical Safety

ASK-EHS’ eLearning repository already had the refresher courses, over these topics, developed. Taking these courses on subscription, would not only serve the purpose of training their workforce remotely but would also provide with a detailed report to the administrator

These courses meet 95% of their training targets. Moreover, the head EHS monitoring this training wanted to imbibe certain organization specific information to make the courses more relatable for his users. ASK-EHS rendered its support by inculcating this 5% customization for each of the 5 modules.

Meeting Expectations & Going Beyond

ASK-EHS immediately understood the exact outcome needed for this and started preparing for it in right earnest.

We incorporated the requested customization & developed the modules that were now parallel to their exact requirement.

With the initial training provided to 100 users, the courses not only were comprehensive & compelling with the visual aid of 3D Animation, it also provided with a detailed report, accurate assessment status of each of the user & their passing/failure status.

With the newfound tool, they were now able to deliver graphically compelling and relevant training content to their audiences. The plant where the eLearning was deployed went to meet all their training targets, despite the social distancing norms.

Here is a list of benefits that they received from these solutions;

  • 5 compelling, industry specific and highly impactful eLearning programs were run on our LMS – assigning training programs, imparting them accurately and getting relevant information
  • Courses customized slightly to meet their training requirements
  • Safety animated movies explaining complex processes seamlessly
  • Complete administrative control over the training programs with detailed insights
  • Understanding the impact of their training through accurate assessments
  • Flexible training medium: could be taken on a desktop, Mobile or a tablet
  • Administrator generating click-ready reports
  • Easy to navigate Learner Dashboard where trainees could take the assessment & download their own certificate upon completion & passing

This initiative was considered a successful training program. This led to the client to take up the subscription of 400 additional users, this time the same courses in Hindi as well as English languages as training medium.