Confined Space Risk Management

Confined Space Risk Management

Work in confined spaces has a potential to kill or cause injuries in any industries, from those involving complex plants to simple storage facilities. The victims here include not only the people involved in the work, but also those who try to rescue them without proper training and equipment.

Hence, it becomes highly important to educate employers, supervisors and employees about confined space, hazards in such spaces and how safety of the employees can be ensured.

Target audience

  • Line Managers
  • Managers

Training duration: 40:00 minutes

Device compatibility: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile smartphone

Languages: English, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, S. Korean

Course Objectives

  • Understanding and classifications of confined space
  • Hazards associated with confined space
  • Characteristics of confined space
  • Hierarchy of hazard control measures
  • Roles & responsibilities of individuals
  • Risk assessment
  • Ventilation basics
  • Confined space entry & Procedure for confined space entry
  • Atmospheric testing and monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Legal implications