Fall Prevention Techniques

Fall Prevention Techniques

Works at height can prove to be dangerous for the individuals involved. If appropriate precautions are not implemented, then even minor mistakes can cause injuries or fatalities. This eLearning training program serves useful for educating the people who are involved in height works. It covers topics including: the activities that are considered as height works, the potential risks due to such works, the necessary safety controls, etc.

Target audience

  • Line Managers
  • Managers
  • Contractor Work force (including technicians)

Training duration: 40:00 minutes

Device compatibility: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile smartphone

Languages: English, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, S. Korean

Course Objectives

  • What is work at height, definitions and statistics
  • Hazards and risks associated with height works
  • Hierarchy of hazard control
  • Safe equipment and practices
  • Fall prevention
  • Fall protection
  • Emergency rescue procedure
  • Case study