Flammable Gas Storage and Handling Techniques

Flammable Gas Storage and Handling Techniques

Fires or explosions can occur when vapors or liquids are released from a controlled environment to areas where there may be an ignition source, or, alternatively, when an ignition source is introduced into a controlled environment.

Target audience

  • Line Managers
  • Managers
  • Work force
  • Contractor work forces

Training duration: 40:00 minutes

Device compatibility: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile smartphone

Languages: English, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, S. Korean

Course Objectives

  • Recognize hazards associated with compressed gases.
  • Recall and practice safe use, handling and storage of compressed gas cylinders.
  • Identify flammability hazards
  • Recognize the hazards of using incorrect manual handling techniques
  • Introduce safe working practices into their working environment