Machine Guarding and Operator Safety Training

Machine Guarding and Operator Safety Training

In industries, machines serve useful for performing different tasks such as product manufacturing, packaging, etc. However, operating unguarded machinery can expose workers to hazards. Machine guarding is a process where guards are used for preventing workers from coming in contact with dangerous mechanical areas

Target audience

  • Line Managers
  • Managers
  • Production area work force

Training duration: 40:00 minutes

Device compatibility: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile smartphone

Languages: English, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, S. Korean

Course Objectives

  • Hazardous actions & motions
  • What is machine guarding?
  • Hierarchy of control measures
  • Methods of safeguarding
  • Common mistakes in machine guarding
  • Risk assessments required
  • Inspection and maintenance of safety guards
  • Legal standards for machine guarding
  • Development of an emergency response plan