Powered Industrial Vehicle Safety Training

Powered Industrial Vehicle Safety Training

Every year nearly 100 workers are killed and around 20,000 workers are seriously injured in forklift (PIV) mishaps. A forklift is a powerful equipment that allows to lift and place heavy loads with minimum effort. It reduces the risk that may be suffered (like back injuries), that can be caused by manually lifting the load.

However, there can be a great risk of injury or death when a forklift operator is not trained. Relevant and adequate knowledge and awareness is the key to safe operations.

Target audience

  • Managers
  • Line Managers & Supervisors
  • Workers

Training duration: 40:00 minutes

Device compatibility: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile smartphone

Languages: English, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, S. Korean

Course Objectives

  • Different components of Forklifts
  • Types of Forklifts & their attachments / accessories
  • Hazards involved in Forklift operations
  • Precautions required
  • Battery charging / Refueling precautions
  • Reasons for instability
  • Pre-use inspections
  • Managing Roll overs
  • Licensing and driver authorization