Vedanta Aluminium introduces Restora, India’s first low carbon ‘green’ aluminium

February 23, 2022

First Indian primary aluminium made using renewable energy.

Vedanta Aluminium launched 'Restora', India's first low carbon 'green' aluminium brand. Under Restora, it will offer their customers, Restora (low carbon aluminium), and Restora Ultra (ultra-low carbon aluminium) for which they have collaborated with Runaya. Vedanta Restora will provide their customers the assurance that the aluminium they purchase has amongst the lowest carbon footprints in the world.

Aluminium is the ‘metal of the future’, with potential for greater applications in a climate-conscious world. The metal is pivotal to the world’s transition to all potential clean energy technologies for a low-carbon future. With this, the Indian metals industry joins the illustrious club of global metal manufacturers producing low carbon products for a sustainable future.

Source : Manufacturing Today