EOT operators are responsible for ensuring the safety of others on site, as well as their own. But with so many safety guidelines to follow, it can be hard to keep track of them all. This list of ten EOT operator safety tips should help you out.

Tip 1: Know the rated load of the crane.

Tip 2: Never allow coworker between fixed object and load.

Tip 3: Don’t overload crane or hoist.

Tip 4: Take instructions only from the person designated to give signals.

Tip 5: To pick up a load, move the crane and hoist/hook directly above the load to eliminate the possibility of side loading and minimize load swing.

Tip 6: Always position lifting device directly over load before lifting.

Tip 7: Ensure Energy sources are isolated before initiating any maintenance activity.

Tip 8: Before lifting, ensure that everyone is clear of any pinch or crush zones.

Tip 9: When starting to lift the load, only lift it a few inches off the ground to verify hoist brake is functioning properly before continuing with the lift.

Tip 10: Always maintain a clear view of the crane path so you can observe any obstacles or personnel in your path.

By following these 10 safety tips, you can minimize workplace accidents and injuries. The best way to ensure that your crane operators are safe is to be sure they understand how their equipment works and know the proper safety precautions to take before using it.

Full form of EOT - Electric overhead traveling crane