Observed Scenario of intentional unsafe behavior

The state of safety and health reported via on-field experts and their experience has shaped up the article into a question. During road construction work of stone chip placement at Banihal, J&K located at an elevation of 1647 m, a safety violation was observed. One of the helpers standing near the excavator in action wasn’t wearing a safety helmet.

The safety officer duly noted, cautioned and informed the worker on this safety lapse, its implications and the importance of safety helmet. However, later on, the same helper was found to working without a safety helmet, showing intentional unsafe behaviour (see photographs). The worker simply had no answers for this time around.

Another Example with writer’s view

Under my collective view, such lapse in judgement and unsafe behaviour remains fairly common. Like the pump operator, who despite of repeated reminders didn’t use ear protectors or ear muffs to dampen more than 90dB of loud sound. In his plea, he argued that they do not make a difference anyways and instead pump maintenance is the right way to go, problem solved.

In my opinion, even though the operator’s view point is correct it however doesn’t substitute the need of appropriate PPEs against sound. PPEs are the first-line of defense as against identified hazards. To further assure risk mitigation, timely pump maintenance to control sound emissions should be constituted. How a BBS approach would go about accounting these points is described below:

BBS seeks to rise above any egoistic arguments that look to establish dominant position instead of fortifying safety.


Unintentional unsafe acts can be minimized, by various types of safety control measures like monitoring, supervising, HIRA-C, etc. In-spite of that some persons are not practicing safe acts. Our efforts will be to chalk out the procedure for identifying the specific people and the corrective measures for that kind of unsafe activity of the said group of people. There are two parts, one is psychological and other is medical point of view where reflex action is included. Our priority will be to identify the psychological factors of human being and changing them into safe behavior, justifying them with reasoning and scientific outlook.

Probable causes behind Intentional unsafe acts

Implementing BBS Process

So, our moto should be to create positive attitude to obtain safe behavior.