Internal Audit Management

Paperless Audits and Non-Compliance

Internal audit is an evidence gathering process. Audit evidence is used to evaluate how well the audit criteria are being met. Audits must be both objective and independent and the audit process must be both systematic and documented.

Internal or External Audits are being conducted and carried out using traditional methods of field visits with pen and paper ‘checklists’. They are collated at the end of a few days, churned into information and then, a final report is published. Imagine the amount of time, resources, and information it consumes!! What about the lag it creates?

Internal Audit Management

Digitizing the audit process can certainly help. Activity can be transformed using digital tools, thereby, providing an instant (Real-time) platform for reporting and analysis. Reporting NCs, Other findings and sharing reports to all the stakeholders in real-time gives multiple advantages to organizations. Most importantly, the complete open-to-close cycle of NCs (including the task management) will certainly make the whole process efficient and transparent.

ASK-EHS’ Internal Audit Management software helps

  • Store your organization’s Internal audit related activities, data and processes in a safe, secure web-based platform. Provision of access to audit data round the year
  • Tool that ensures high performance and effectiveness of organization’s Internal Audit management system and implementation of EHS standards
  • Comprehensive electronic form for creating Internal Audit Plan
  • Extensive and configurable Audit checklist(s) based on the various Audit types
  • Definite score against questionnaire with checklist configuration
  • Reporting of Non-Conformities (NCs) with actual pictures from field/work-site using Mobile device
  • External Data File linking and attachments (e.g. Observation photographs, Proof documents, etc.)
  • Assign and track tasks based on identified CAPA
  • Escalation matrix for alerts and notifications of non-closure of NCs / CAPA
  • Detailed Reports that can be viewed, exported and saved in readable file formats and can directly be sent to print
  • A rich Visual Dashboard with KPIs (e.g. Audit CAPA Statistics, Plants’ Compliance for each audit subject) that helps one analyze Audit related activities
  • Summarized, comprehensive and real time audit information at a glance with corporate dashboards displaying trend analysis through charts, tables, and different graphs
Internal Audit Management
Audit Plan, Conduct, Follow-up
  • Plan

    Plan your Audit Calendar, Get your Audit checklist ready as per the plan, Assign Auditors ahead of time, Get reminders ahead of time for the planned audit

  • Conduct

    Conduct Audit using electronic platform, Log you opening meeting details, All the Audit checklist in-built into system, Report Non-compliance using system and right at the findings

  • Follow-up

    Action against NCs, Follow-up of Closure of the NCs identified, CAPA against NCs and its implementation

  • Report

    Closing Meeting, Audit Summary, Executive Summary, Print Complete Audit Report, Trend analysis and comparative reports

Mobile App for Internal Audits Management

Mobile App for Internal Audits Management

Why do we want to record our data and findings on an Audit sheet and then come back on Desk to feed the same in system? Instead, how about a Mobile friendly solution (like a Mobile App) where on-field Audit activities can directly be done using Audit Mobile App!

Yes, all the operations of Internal Audit can be done using mobile devices like smartphone or tablets.

One can perform audit activities viz

  • Conducting an audit
  • Task Updates
  • Follow ups


Audit Planner

My Audits

Export Audit Report

Audit Summary

Audit Details

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Incident Accident and Near-Miss Management

  • Report Accident/Incident, near-miss.
  • On-field reporting along with live picture attachments.
  • Identification of the action Item.
  • Assign corrective and preventive actions.
  • Root cause analysis Tools (Viz. Fishbone and Why Why Details)
  • Detail analysis and KPI dashboard.
  • Management Information Reports.

Occupational Health

  • Employee Illness/Injury Track and history
  • Routine Medical Checkup Record keeping
  • Regular checkup of Interactive Health Index
  • Maintain OPD details of the employee visits
  • Employee medical portfolio - Medical history
  • Reminder for employee routine checkup based on age

Safety Observations

  • Log unsafe act, unsafe conditions
  • Attach pictures and files
  • View safety observations and history of the same
  • Push notifications on your Observation Mobile App
  • Track & Update CAPA status
  • Noncompliance dashboards for Observation

Successful companies around the world rely on us.

  • TATA Communications
  • Alsahi Group
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  • Montecarlo
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  • Sarooj Construction
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  • Afcons
  • AG&P
  • Agrocel
  • JK Cement
  • Digital Edge
  • Press Metal
  • CTCI Corporation
  • GEF
  • TATA Power
  • Bajaj Electrical

What our CLIENTS say

One of the advantages of awarding the contract to ASK-EHS is that they have expertise in the field and they are easily able to understand our requirements with very minimal consultation. It would be easy for us to roll out the projects within the stipulated time. We have partnered with ASK-EHS for many animation projects, software project and continue to use their services to this day.The net result of our association has been very fruitful and productive. Keep it up ASK-EHS!
Suresh R. Penmatsa (Associate Vice President - Corporate EHS)
CGPL Mundra is first UMPP of 4000 MW which has been commissioned in the shortest duration of one year and “permit to work system” was one of the challenge for safe work culture. This tailor-made soft based EPTW system which could be developed as per the organization safety guidelines has provided us ultimate solution. We had hesitation to go for this system as solid consistence maintenance support was a major reservation however we got an excellent and prompt support from M/S Ask EHS engineers throughout the journey. This system has exhibited all essential feature of company safety guidelines and hence this system can be established in other division of the company.
We are thankful to M/S ASK EHS for their excellent services throughout development and stabilization process of this system.
Umesh Likhite (Group Head – Operations)
ASK-EHS has provided Employee ID Badging Software & Onsite Manpower solutions to IOCL. We state that your Team is providing the best services to our Corporation. We have no complains till date and are satisfied.

We wish ASK-EHS Good Luck….! Keep it up….!
Rai Sahab (SERO-Time Office)
We were looking for a competent solution for our scaffolding operations spanning multiple sites. Scaffolding management system offered us the ability to shift from a basic to digitalised all-in-one platform.This has enabled efficient scaffolding operations providing inspected and safer material, effortlessly. What helps our case even more is the software availability in local language (Chinese) and English.
CTCI Corporation
We needed a customised solution, as the sheer scale of our operations demanded accurate estimates of scaffolding equipment and manpower. Older methods resulted in significant time delays to scaffolding operations. Through our close discussions, ASK-EHS proposed a workflow for SMS that fitted the bill, perfectly. Ultimately, this led to an overall reduction in delays and a streamlined scaffolding lifecycle.
Kiewit Corporation

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