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In a world that is becoming digital, organizations no longer need to sweat over the subsequent development of custom software and other web based applications & mobile apps. Organizations that have adopted global safety standards are no different. In order to digitally enable their HSE management, corporations need not spend endless hours of SMEs, valuable resources and allocate high budgets.

Now you can customize your safety software in the HSE domain at affordable prices and minimal time. As an integrated EHS service provider, ASK-EHS has built a serviceable platform that can be easily customized to suit the preferences and specifications of any industrial or non-industrial organization.

Globally Adopted Best Practices

Different countries / geographies follow different safety standards like OSHA, OHSAS, EU-OSHA and others. Many of these standards are reminiscent of the country’s or region’s local laws, cultural inclination and organizational best practices. The ILO (International Labour Organization) has adopted and earmarked 40 different standards that specifically deal directly or indirectly, with Occupational Safety & Health issues (source: ILO Org). ASK-EHS believes that every specific requirement demands an exclusive and customized solution, rather than a “one size fits all” product.

A Productive Alliance for Builiding Safety Software

Our in-house team of HSE experts collaborate with consultants in every region to understand these specific requirements that are in line with the region’s laws and adopted standards. These affiliates are full-time consultants who assist our endeavor in providing specific, relevant and exclusive solutions to our patrons. Our affiliated consultants are spread across multiple regions and have the knowledge and experience in the known standards and compliances of that particular country. They are also highly experienced in industrial practices having worked with different industrial organizations in their region. These industries include Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Automotive, Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Power & Energy and other such large scale industries.

Our team of consultants / SMEs collaborate and assist your team for defining, understanding, developing and implementing safety software. They act as active catalysts between your requirement and ASK-EHS’ technology/IT team, for understanding the exact requirements and describe the same to our technical/IT team. They help in determining clear objectives, define the scope of development (work flows, forms, reporting requirements, referential documents, hierarchies etc.) for custom software.

A History of Successful Custom Software Deliveries

Oil & Gas (Extraction)

Singapore, China, Brazil

Permit to Work software

Delivered bespoke Permit to work solution for FPSO commissioning including;

Construction permit, Commissioning permit, N2HE test permit

The solution has been deployed on AWS (Cloud) with user base ranging from Singapore, China, Brazil and even International waters during voyages. Implementation assistance provided through a personal visit by our expert to client’s China and Singapore sites.


Permit to Work software

Our base platform of the Permit to work system was modified to accommodate contractors’ acceptance using secure checks like OTP (One-time-password) and signature, through the Mobile App.


Canary Islands (Spain)

Permit to Work software

Delivered customized PTW system using ‘Agile’ methodology (scrum model) as preferred by client, for the purposes of vessel repair & facilities management along with isolation & confined space certificates. The developed application was integrated with client’s central operation reporting using Power BI.

Power & Energy


Permit to Work software

In keeping with the client’s lean IT team, deployed Permit to work solution on Microsoft Azure (Cloud) along with Azure AD integration for Single sign on (SSO). Value addition provided through online training and support.

Specialty Chemicals


EHS Management Software

Multilingual Safety Management solution implemented across multiple plants in India and Brazil

Oil & Gas

Abu Dhabi

EHS Management & Permit to Work Software

Implemented a desktop based customized Permit to work software with facility to deploy on the offshore complex. The sole purpose was to avoid network latency and experience uninterrupted services.

Elevators & Escalators


EHS Management Software

Delivered an OHSE management Mobile App with offline capabilities for facilitating work happening in remote locations having low network connectivity.



Permit to Work Software

Delivered PTW application that was integrated with SAP (PM) Module for getting data related to equipment, notifications and work orders while requesting permits.

Metals & Metallurgy


EHS Management software

Standardization of PTW system (customized application) across all plants along with centralization of forms, workflows and hierarchies. Conducted multiple requirement gathering workshops with several stakeholders to arrive at a precise blueprint. This resulted in successful implementation across multiple plants and HQ.



Scaffolding Operations Management software

Designed, developed and delivered customized web based application for supporting client’s scaffolding operations management. Application was customized to support project specific hierarchy & approval workflows.



Scaffolding Operations Management software

Exclusively designed, developed and delivered an ‘enterprise grade’ scalable custom application using service oriented architecture, compatible with and supporting web and mobile devices. The application was customized to suit client’s hierarchies and work flows for their scaffolding operations. Post implementation (since 2013), we’re supporting end users for their day-to-day support tickets and periodic server maintenance and application upgrades.



EHS Management software

Implemented a “Multilingual” OHSE Management software (in English and Arabic languages) to cater to the various business verticals of client (FMCG, infrastructure & service sector).

Heavy Engineering


Contractor Management software

Conceptualized, designed, developed, implemented and supported a comprehensive Contractor management system. Solution facilitated onboarding of contractors & their workers, managed training / competency and medical records and was integrated with access control system. A Mobile App was designed for enabling communication between contractors and engineers for planning, execution and closure of tasks.

A Meticulous & Systematic Approach

Our team of highly proficient OHSE experts, consulting SMEs and technical team were able to draw precise blueprints for the implementation of the respective software. The exercise entailed a rigorous and thorough requirement analysis which eventually allowed us to draw a clear blueprint for development. This approach has been the reason for the successful endeavours that are currently prevalent in the above mentioned corporations.

Over the years, the platform that we have built is ready and requires minimal customization effort so that it can fit into the customer’s specific requirements. We are able to demonstrate our proficiencies through the platform and have the knowledge and experience to understand the HSE challenges that global organizations face. These platforms have been built over a 15 year period and have gone through regular cycles of upgrades. As partners of Microsoft, our proficiencies have grown through the years, making us the preferred service providers for a host of services that are on offer.

Our IT skills span across solutions that are provided through web application, mobile apps, with cloud / on-premise deployments using Microsoft technology stack (.NET framework, Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI, SQL Server) and Angular, IONIC and many more. We’re able to provide practical and scalable (future-ready) strategies that help you with upgraded solutions. Our team is well adept at completing some of the most complex projects with consummate ease, considering the time spent within the HSE domain. Our development experience of 15 years in delivering enterprise level applications have allowed us to provide end-to-end solutions starting from requirement gathering to deployment of software and post that, support services. Here’s a visual representation of our process and existing delivery models;

Flexible Delivery

Scope Based Customization, Development & Implementation

As explained earlier, our team shall customize the solution with end to end development and implementation based on your specific project requirements.

Deployment of technical resource(s) acting as your extended team for implementation

Using our experience, technology expertise and management support, we shall deploy a professional team that would assist and work under your direct guidance in the entire development and implementation cycle. These resources will include technically proficient individuals in line with the project requirements. You can add members to your existing team without the burden of high cost in getting projects done.

Unearthing Technical Insights

  • Device (Web, Mobile, Desktop) & browser Compatible
  • Number of user roles
  • Discovering any special features needed
  • Fulfilling all compliance needs
  • UI/UX uniqueness and positioning
  • Simplifying complex application logic and defining custom workflows
  • Identifying and drawing up blueprints including integration with existing systems / applications
  • Identifying application availability, page load time & network latency
  • Identifying data security requirements
  • Importing and leveraging empirical data
  • Periodic updates and upgrades

Delivery Methodologies


The Agile methodology is one of the most readily adopted development methodologies globally. Benefits of adopting it include;

  • Better project visibility
  • Flexibility in scope, based on changes in requirements
  • Breaking down work in small cycles (e.g. Sprints in Scrum)
  • Clear vision and responsibilities to individuals in a team
  • Iterative enhancements
  • Close engagement with customers

Waterfall Model

This model is mostly recommended for small and medium projects where requirements are precise, well defined and unlikely to change. This model is usually suited to development projects that have well-defined stages (requirement analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, training and maintenance) with clearly defined objectives and process workflows. The model offers ease of understanding, project management and prioritize tasks.

Technologies Suite

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