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Permit lifecycle

Simplified and full-proofed permit request process

  • Requesting for a work permit made easy while ensuring adherence to all necessary steps vital to carry out the work efficiently and safely (such as risk assessments, detailing of method statement, managing isolations, work-site preparation checks and much more)
  • Permits requested for a remote-site will have precise geo-location ensuring the on-site presence of the requesting authority

Instant notifications and reminders

  • All the involved authorities gets instantly notified so that they can act accordingly in a timely manner
  • Permit Approval Authorities are reminded to give approvals to the requested permits
  • Leverage from in-built escalation mechanism (user-defined) in case of no-response from any authority for taking action on time-critical jobs
  • Reminder for the permit validity expiration

On the go approvals

  • Easy and well thought out approval process enables the permit approval authorities to approve/reject permits on the go
  • On-site presence of the approval authority using geo-location tracking

Real-time permit tracking

  • All the involved authorities gets aware about the ongoing permits and can track permit’s status
  • Accountability Tracking – System auto-logs each and every action taken by the individual personnel with timestamp and remarks
  • A unique “Area Map” feature gives a bird eye view of all the work being carried out or going to commence shortly across all sites/plants/facilities

On the spot audit

  • If necessary, the safety team can Stop the Job (Suspend) and request to re-assess instantly

Manage contractors and workplace safety

  • Easy contractor lookup
  • Get alerted (and restrict if required) about the workers whose skill-based safety training/re-training is due
  • With an in-built facility to conduct toolbox talks and system intelligently prompting you about learnings from past mistakes; be assured about the worker safety.

Easy access to archived permits

  • All past archived work permits are retained in an easy to lookup manner for recordkeeping or to produce report during safety audit

Risk assessment

Recurrent work checklist

  • Plan, create, maintain accessible centralized database for frequent works checklist – easy to access for authorized users and maintenance operations.

Risk assessment library – ready to access

  • Vetted by safety team and created with the help of work crew and operators – a comprehensive risk library (JSA-JHA-TRA) for your plant and industry, catered with your specific risk and hazard analysis.

JHA-JSA-TRA (add, create and embed)

  • PTW software allows creating or attaching Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Task Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • The job can be broken down into a series of work steps, each being recorded on the JHA. Each work step is then analyzed separately to determine the potential hazards related to it
  • A client-specific Hazard library is provided to stimulate though and to assist in defining the hazards and controls of each work step


Conflict activity map

  • Leverage the “Area-Map” feature to display comprehensive live permit coverage to identify any overlaps or conflict within work activities for suitable action

SIMOPS auto-identification and management

  • Get work conflict alerts whenever a permit is raised for same equipment / system (or-subsystem) or on the same location for which there is already a “Live” permit (on-going work) or another permit requested.
  • Detailed permit information shown to permit authorities to manage simultaneous operations which have potential overlaps in isolation, energy sources or lock out methods

Shift management

  • Work continued over a shift change with a thorough coordination, communication and visibility over PTW software
  • A shift handover procedure is implemented that ensures that responsibility is transferred from the outgoing to the incoming persons on the permit document itself
  • Information is visible to all affected PTW authorized users from previous shifts
  • Revalidation of work permit at end of shift and prior to commencement of work
  • Re-testing of the atmosphere at the start of each shift by the Authorized Gas Tester (AGT)

Energy isolation management

Isolation management including LOTO and tag printing

  • Prepare for isolations – Electrical, Mechanical, Instrument
    • Easy preparation of isolation certificate (blanket / regular) with all necessary, up-to-date information fetched from the equipment master and tag register
    • Markup/Annotate P&ID Diagram, Electrical Line Diagrams in image format for exact pin-pointing of the isolation tags / points graphically
    • Ensure entry of all necessary details such as reason for isolation, isolation type, switchgear, etc.
  • Apply Control of Work (CoW) to ensure safe working
    • Separate Isolation and De-isolation work flows
    • Nomination of Isolation / De-isolation task to competent person (isolation authority)
    • Restricting commence of work (i.e. issuance of permit) until system de-energized and safe to work upon
    • Safe management and coordination amongst the work permits sharing the same isolations – System will not allow de-Isolation (re-energization) if another work is still ongoing
  • Maintain Lock-Out and Tag-Out details along with the provision to print ready-to-use weather-proof tag stickers
  • Verify isolations using Mobile App from field
  • Carry out Sanction to Test Process with approval workflow
  • Apply for Extended Period of Isolation

Equipment master data recordkeeping along with tag register

  • Maintain record of each equipment, their isolation points / tags and isolation procedure with relevant aids like actual photographs, drawings and diagrams (P&ID, Electrical line diagrams, etc.)

Electronic log book showing issued or active lock-outs and tag-outs

  • Electronic log book shows issued or active lock-outs and tag-outs. Data gets archived when the lock-out and tag-out is completed or removed.


  • Flexible analysis functions delivering ‘real-time’ management information
  • Built in management reports like permit issued, suspended permits, Isolation list, JHA list, Hazards list etc.
  • Graphical presentation for statistical analysis
  • System supports all reports, permits and certificates to be exported as PDF files for easy distribution
  • Leverage from previously filled lessons learnt report
  • Special work statistics to aid in daily permit meetings for planning permit related activities and getting things done
  • Permit Monitoring

    Facilitates to maintain log of audit held by Safety or authorized users for live permits with hand held devices

  • Isolation management Tool

    Placing Isolations & verifying isolations placed (RFID/Barcode scanning on isolation tags)

  • External References (Attachment)

    Facility to attach any external references in form of electronic document such as work procedures, photographs, drawing, diagrams etc.

  • Web & Mobile Based Solution

    Internet/Intranet based secure application, Runs at single/multiple location(s) as per hierarchy of organization

  • Multilingual Solution

    Software interface is available on various languages

  • Security

    System offers advanced configurable security features (2 FA and HTTPS).

  • Unadulterated Information

    Information cannot be tampered if once submitted to the central repository

  • Interactive Dashboards

    Preformatted charts, graphs and scorecards in personalized dashboards., At-a-glance' views / insights on all aspects of business performance

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

    Track performance of your organization based on personalized Performance Indicators

  • Hazardous environment compatible

    Made for ATEX Zone 1 devices for hazardous industries

  • Approval Mechanism

    This mechanism validates both the users and the data before allowing a change.

  • Gas-test Monitoring

    Log of continuous / frequent gas test data using wireless handheld devices.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Easy interface to operate, optimize data entry, quick access on reports-graphs an easy navigation among system components

  • Support

    Online technical support; library of support documentation/materials


The Permit to Work software is designed to manage the process of issuing permits to work, which are required before any hazardous work can occur. It is an end-to-end digitized PTW process for various permit types, such as cold work, hot work, etc.

ASK-EHS' e-PTW (electronic permit-to-work) software is a convenient tool to establish control, coordination, and communication following correct work sequences through computer/ mobile devices. The software:

  • Provides a full view of the entire work scenario enabling the authorities to make informed decisions.
  • Promotes better communication and avoids the bypass of defined safety processes.
  • Allows smooth workflow, saving time and avoiding lengthy paperwork
  • Makes it easy to access the permit data bank.

Yes, the PTW software is beneficial as by automating the permit-to-work process, ePTW software can help to ensure that all necessary safety checks are carried out before work begins, thus reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Its compatibility with handheld devices makes it a perfect solution for PTW processes.

The PTW system includes digitization of performed activities of a permit-to-work system as enlisted below:

  • End-to-end PTW process digitized for various permit types such as cold work, hot work, etc.
  • Complimentary permits/certificates integrated into the PTW process (e.g., confined space entry, excavation certificate, lifting plan, etc.)
  • Isolation Management, along with LOTO and Tag Printing.
  • Safe Work Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • SIMOPs and Work Conflict Management
  • Permit Audits / Inspections
  • Gas testing by Authorized Gas Tester
  • Handover of permit-related work in the absence of authorized personnel
  • Permit Register
  • Integration with Plant Maintenance Management Systems such as the SAP PM module
  • Reports and Insights
  • And More

ASK-EHS's Permit To Work System can be used by nearly every industry, like oil and gas, automotive, construction, telecommunication, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, energy, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and more.

ASK-EHS' SAFE (EHS management software) offers Audit management for external and internal audits. You can track all your legal permits and various other compliance modules to simplify and effectively manage regulatory compliance by digitizing the processes. It also provides timely alerts, real-time actionable insights, and analytics for improvement and correction.

ASK EHS has an experience of almost two decades of providing end-to-end safety solutions. Our tailored solution delivery, experts within the national and international regulatory frameworks, and excellent rate for acceptance and proactive compliance management make us unique.

Of course! We know and understand that "one size fits all" is not a motto of the safety industry. Every sector, organization, and even department has specific safety demands, and we ensure to address individual solutions for all safety challenges.

Our in-house safety experts have a deep understanding of the EHS activities, plans, procedures, and terminologies, along with practical exposure to the challenges faced in industrial safety. This collaboration with the highly experienced professionals of ASK-EHS's Permit to Work system helps you monitor risks and prevent incidents.

Yes, we have product-specific case studies for reference. We also recommend exploring our EHS blog and resource gallery for whitepapers, videos, buying guides, and webinars. These will deepen your understanding of our work and help you make better choices.

Yes, of course! Eliminating the wastage of paper is a great initiative, and ASK-EHS is more than happy to extend our support by undergoing a complete digital transformation of your existing paper-based EHS / PTW activities.

All our safety software can be easily integrated with any third-party software like ERP or HRM systems. All we need is access to the system!

SAFE (EHS Management Software) Benefits:

  • Improved Safety Management
  • Centralized, Standardized, and Streamlined Data Processes.
  • Increased Reporting Efficiency
  • Widespread Content Availability
  • Enhanced Compliance Monitoring
  • Robust Task Management
  • Increased Visibility and Rich Insights
  • Monitor Risks and Prevent Incidents
  • Boost Employee Morale
  • And More.

e-PTW Benefits:

  • Improved safety
  • No approval bypasses
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Quicker work planning & permit request
  • Early identification of work conflicts & faster approval of work
  • Time and effort savings by eliminating manual paperwork.
  • Efficient isolation management
  • Better Compliance Fulfilment
  • And More.