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ASK-EHS Safety Software solutions

Discover the peerless functional approach in-blend with intuitive digital engines for compliance and performance
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Embrace digital resilience

ASK-EHS safety software deliver keystone safety, health and environment digital solutions The most adept, flexible and trusted mobile-ready platforms with seamless integration
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Actionable compliance management

Select from 5 flagship software and over 30 solutions Harness analytics – automate workflows, manage reports, and ensure timely approval
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Experience EHS transformation

ENSURE Compliance REDUCE Risk PREVENT Incidents DRIVE Performance
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Co-innovation in Safety

ADAPT Domain expertise for custom-built solutions INTEGRATE Focus on client environment feedback DEPLOY Train, implement and support CASE STUDIES   READ BLOGS   Resource Gallery  


ASK-EHS is among the world’s most trusted safety, health and environment software solution providers. Thousands of active users spread over more than 4 continents in diverse industrial workplaces – rely on our digital EHS platforms. Our end-to-end customization for tailored solution delivery, experts within national and international regulatory framework and integrated EHS business services have more than 400+ clients on the planet.

The global service delivery in core and diverse industrial domains have allowed the solution delivered to address three key areas: adaptability, better user rate for acceptance and proactive compliance management.

Ideal EHS software should seamlessly blend into your organization’s processes by adding additional modules, creating custom workflows and processes, and seamlessly automating repetitive tasks. It can potentially meet every unique challenge posed by your safety processes and data requirements.

Our EHS Software can be configured and/or customized to suit client's business preferences. Clients can configure user hierarchy, checklists and risk matrices. On the other hand, workflows and forms can be customized considering that they are unique to each organization. Another salient feature of the software is that it can be integrated with existing ERP systems like SAP or any other such system. Besides this, it also can integrate with existing Active Directories/Azure AD for single sign-on (SSO) and emails.

  • 15000+ active users
  • 400+ Overall Clients
  • Customizable
  • Superior Support & Implementation

EHS Digitalization Landscape with ASK-EHS Safety Software


Holistic EHS Management

Compliance Fulfillment

Holistic EHS Management

Digitalization provides an excellent opportunity to improve Safety Management, increase operational efficiency, manage organizational risks better to ensure business continuity by deploying Holistic EHS Management. Use of our safety software results in enterprise-wide integration of all critical to safety activities, EHS process standardization & harmonization, streamlining of EHS data collection, improvement in reporting efficiency and widespread availability of EHS data bank (MSDS, Risk Assessments, SOPs, Legal Permits, etc.) across organization while delivering incisive visibility of critical to safety concerns.

Not just your own employees, but also safeguard the contractual workforce from workplace hazards through our Contractor Management System that covers end-to-end cycle starting from automating the worker’s on-boarding process, “self-operated” delivery of Safety Induction & EHS Trainings with assessments, planning and execution of EHS activities (meetings, walkthroughs, vehicle/equipment inspections, campaigns) with assignment of remedial actions to Contractor and its subsequent monitoring and finally rating the Contractor based on the evaluation of their performance.

Compliance Fulfillment

Digitalization, with our safety software, enhances fulfillment of EHS related legal and other obligations by effective management of all your compliance activities (Audits, Inspections, Maintaining Register of Regulations, EHS Trainings, Environment Parameter Monitoring, Management of Occupational Health, Maintaining Hazardous Substances Register, Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Waste, Emergency Preparedness & Response Program, Work Permit Statutory Norms), real-time tracking of non-compliances, ensuring easy availability of compliance documents with accurate & up-to-date information and generating on-demand regulatory reports with all the records stored centrally and easily retrievable for various audits.


Communication Efficiency

Collaboration & Coordination Robustness

Communication Efficiency

Traditional communication and task assignment methods such as excel spreadsheets and emails do not communicate back to you on their own, whereas our safety software is interactive, facilitates "shop floor to top floor” communication and serves as your artificial “EAR” in listening to important safety chatter and decision-supportive information within your workplace and across organization.

E – Escalate critical to safety concerns automatically such as a task to remediate a non-compliance not completed within the allotted time, no action taken on a reported incident, a requested breakdown maintenance work permit not approved within time.

A – Alert you of the corrective and preventive actions that you need to take, safety trainings you need to undergo, a new hazard reported in your area of supervision, a new work permit request has arrived for your work authorization and so much more.

R – Remind you of upcoming audits, soon-to-expire legal permits, closing the safety tasks assigned to you before deadline, renew your work permit so on and so forth.

Collaboration & Coordination Robustness

Our web-based digital solution complimented by mobile applications creates a culture of seamless remote collaboration & coordination, thereby, eliminating the cross-functional silos of information.

The built-in robust task management tool increases the employee accountability with easy and prompt assignment of tasks and effective management of the deadlines to elevate EHS performance, ensure compliance and workplace safety.


Real-time EHS Data Analytics

Proactive Safety

Real-time EHS Data Analytics

Actionable Insights to Safety Issues: Digitalization promotes data-driven decision making by providing actionable insights to safety issues and evaluate the EHS performance of your organization as well as of your Contractors. Furthermore, with our digital Health Management Solution get health insights to identify workplace health concerns.

Gain Visibility of EHS Activities & Business Operations: One of the biggest advantages of digital transformation is making processes & efforts transparent across organization, and on your radar to gain foresight. Our safety software provides a bird-eye-view to monitor EHS activities and determine whether the safety efforts are going as planned or are there any deviations. Detailed graphical view of all ongoing permitted work at various locations within your plant/site, or view the floor map to see all the standing scaffolds and check on the status of scaffolds undergoing erection, modification or getting dismantled, and so much more!

Availability of Click-ready Reports: With a single click, generate on-demand reports – EHS Monthly Report, Incident Investigation Report, EHS Audit Report, Production Report of Scaffolding Operations, Worker Login-Logout Report, or any other Regulatory Report or Report for the Management.

Proactive Safety

Leverage latest technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to practice proactive safety. Our safety software’s AI powered ‘Rule Engine’ shall proactively alert you when it senses an alarming safety concern to prevent adverse business impacts.

Imagine receiving a safety alert informing you that employees/workmen of a specific trade are at high risk of meeting with an accident. Or software informing you that a specific location within your plant/site is most incident prone during the night shift when carrying out a particular activity, or highlighting a contractor whose several work permits have been suspended in the recent times due to safety violations.


Boost Operational Efficiency

Reduces Administrative Overhead

Boost Operational Efficiency

Increasing operational efficiency and boosting productivity are the cornerstones of our Safety software. The software results in faster planning & approval of work, automated follow-ups for trivial & consequential tasks, software-aided Operational Risk Management with proactive hazard alerts and software-facilitated effective Holistic EHS Management strengthened by “just-in-time” incisive actionable insights to safety & compliance issues that reduces workplace incidents and non-compliance instances thereby, ensuring operational continuity without any unwanted interruptions.

Above is just a summary of the high-level capabilities of our operational excellence-centric Safety software. An example would be that our software makes it easier to check for work and isolation conflict with the built-in SIMOPs and isolation management tool, enabling efficient planning and smoother operation. Another example would be software resulting in improved management of work scope change – Upon commencement of work, if there is a change in the scope of work, then our e-PTW tool shall auto-track all such changes, immediately notifying the relevant authorities and enforcing re-approvals and safety checks such as identifying additional risks and new isolation requirements.

Reduces Administrative Overhead

Digitalization eliminates excessive time spent on manually entering EHS data by replacing it with intuitive forms that are designed to minimize user input. Also, time spent in fixing incorrectly filled forms and manually tracking down information is saved.

Much of site/plant’s safety team’s time is consumed in carrying out administrative activities such as reconciliation of EHS data to prepare reports along with its related follow-up with assignees and manually identifying safety trends. This site/plant data again has to be aggregated by the Corporate Safety team. Our safety software automates all these activities by generating the required reports, easily managing task follow-ups by tracking task progress in real-time with auto-reminders & escalations to ensure timely task completion and analyze trends to provide actionable insights & evaluate organization’s EHS performance.


Foster Safety Culture

Competency Buildup & Management

Foster Safety Culture

In these modern times wherein, technology has deeply penetrated in our lives and everyone has digital reliance as part and parcel of our daily routines, the traditional approach for employee engagement and driving motivation must also undergo digital transformation.

Our safety software has built-in EHS Portal and Knowledge Desk that facilitates employee engagement and is a perfect platform to create safety awareness, recognize safety conscious employees & drive motivation to promote safety culture and meet organization’s EHS objectives & targets.

Competency Buildup & Management

Competency buildup can be streamlined, monitored and effectively managed using our safety software’s EHS Training module to Plan, Organize and Manage EHS training programs with easy availability of up-to-date training portfolio of all employees across the organization.

Furthermore, to enhance safety, various system safety checks have been placed, say when requesting for a work permit to carry out a Work at Height, our safety software will not allow the permit to be requested if any of the working team member does not hold a valid training certificate necessary for the skill required to perform the job.


Enterprise Scalability, Mobility,

Digital Agility

Enterprise Scalability

Our safety software is enterprise-grade, scalable and will adapt to the growing size of your business – be it the increase in the user-base or spread of the organization’s presence geographically ranging from one plant/site to any number of plants/project sites.


Accelerate employee participation in critical-to-safety activities such as Incident & Near-Miss Reporting, Safety Observations & Inspections, Peer-to-Peer Behavior Based Observations, Toolbox Talks and much more through mobile apps available for both iOS and Android for instantaneous data capture with ability to attach geotagged photographs anytime, anywhere!

Avoid lapse in safety by ensuring employee “work-site presence” while carrying out risk assessments, work-site preparations, confirming isolations and other activities that demand on-site presence.

Request for permit-to-work remotely, on-the-go approvals and on-spot permit audit & inspection increases operational efficiency.

Digital Agility

Our safety software is agile as we follow modular design approach to provide tailored module-wise software delivery addressing to your specific business needs of the hour. Later on, we can quickly create and deploy new modules/applications based on your growing business needs.

Our safety software can be integrated with other software systems as well as with hardware to deliver enhanced functionality. A few examples of seamless hardware integration are as follows:

  • Touchscreen based KIOSK to conduct “self-operated” EHS inductions and trainings with assessments and biometric scanning & photograph capturing to print visitor gate pass, contractor worker ID card and issuance of safety passport
  • Audience Response System (ARS) to instantly take assessment of the employees post training
  • Print isolation tags on weather-proof stationery that has embedded QR code for quick information lookup and isolation verification

Solutions SUITE

Client Success Stories

Discover happy and satisfied organizations who have found best solutions with us

AG MELCO Elevator Co. LLC

SAFE: EHS Management Software

AG Melco, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric is an Elevator & Escalator manufacturingand service organization with operations in UAE & the Middle East.

ASK-EHS’ integrated, yet easy-to-use EHS Management software resulted in improved safety culture by providing a centralized & standardized platform for on-field engineers and enabling quick response from the authorities for assistance & approvals.

A leading specialist for FPSO vessels

e-PTW: Permit to Work Software

This global supplier & operator of offshore floating platforms has projects in Singapore, China, Brazil.

ASK-EHS provided a fully digitized multilingual solution for the Permit to Work system used during the commissioning activities with robust energy isolation management that resulted in improved safety and operational excellence.

CTF Nordex Acciona

CMS: Contractor Management Software

Nordex is an established leader in the renewable energy industry that has operations spread across India, many of which are remote locations.

ASK-EHS’ comprehensive solution along with mobile app streamlined operations along with compliance fulfilment for contractor personnel, equipment & vehicle.


Scaffolding Management Software

Based in Taiwan, CTCI is a renowned leader in the construction industry and has mega projects across the South East Asia.

ASK-EHS’ software solution redesigned the scaffold operations to manage men and material with improved access time.


Safety & Occupational Health Management Software

Zydus is a leading pharmaceutical company that benefitted hugely by ASK-EHS’ integrated solution in achieving their goals set for employee health and safety-centric improvements in operations.

Premium Clients

Gharda chemicals
O2 power
Navin Fluorine International
Rubis Energy
Think Gas
Sarooj Construction
Bajaj auto Limited
Bunduq Oil
CTCI corporations
Dorf Ketal
Equion Energia
Hooker Cockram
Indian Oil Corporation
Mercator Limited
RPCM Chemicals
TATA Communications
TATA Power
USA Fortuion
USV Limited
Zydus Hospira

Clients Feedback

One of the advantages of awarding the contract to ASK-EHS is that they have expertise in the field and they are easily able to understand our requirements with very minimal consultation. It would be easy for us to roll out the projects within the stipulated time. We have partnered with ASK-EHS for many animation projects, software project and continue to use their services to this day.The net result of our association has been very fruitful and productive. Keep it up ASK-EHS!

Suresh R. Penmatsa (Associate Vice President - Corporate EHS)


ASK-EHS has provided Employee ID Badging Software & Onsite Manpower solutions to IOCL. We state that your Team is providing the best services to our Corporation. We have no complains till date and are satisfied.

We wish ASK-EHS Good Luck….! Keep it up….!

Rai Sahab (SERO-Time Office)


CGPL Mundra is first UMPP of 4000 MW which has been commissioned in the shortest duration of one year and “permit to work system” was one of the challenge for safe work culture. This tailor-made soft based EPTW system which could be developed as per the organization safety guidelines has provided us ultimate solution. We had hesitation to go for this system as solid consistence maintenance support was a major reservation however we got an excellent and prompt support from M/S Ask EHS engineers throughout the journey. This system has exhibited all essential feature of company safety guidelines and hence this system can be established in other division of the company.

We are thankful to M/S ASK EHS for their excellent services throughout development and stabilization process of this system.

Umesh Likhite (Group Head – Operations)


We needed a customised solution, as the sheer scale of our operations demanded accurate estimates of scaffolding equipment and manpower. Older methods resulted in significant time delays to scaffolding operations. Through our close discussions, ASK-EHS proposed a workflow for SMS that fitted the bill, perfectly. Ultimately, this led to an overall reduction in delays and a streamlined scaffolding lifecycle.

Kiewit Corporation

We were looking for a competent solution for our scaffolding operations spanning multiple sites. Scaffolding management system offered us the ability to shift from a basic to digitalised all-in-one platform.This has enabled efficient scaffolding operations providing inspected and safer material, effortlessly. What helps our case even more is the software availability in local language (Chinese) and English.

CTCI Corporation


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