Strength of ASK-EHS in Scaffolding Industry

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ASK-EHS serves as

ASK-EHS Scaffolding Company
  • Scaffolding management contractors/consultants
  • Consultancy for development & execution of scaffolding design
  • Supply, sell & trading of scaffolding materials (cup lock system/ tubes & fittings/ ring lock system) with an option to take on rent as well
  • Building scaffolding team of trained & competent personals through rigorous and Intensive trainings and field demonstrations
  • Customized/project specific scaffolding management system to reduce the risk of scaffolding incidents and save time and maintain a high standard

Why scaffolding is so common?

Scaffolding is an important and unavoidable means of access management universally. If any work is required to be undertaken at a location, where there is no built in access and working platform, a need arises to build a framework (with stability, strength and reliability) where worker may position himself, place tools and materials and perform the work. The configuration, shape and support systems vary depending upon the work situations during construction, repair and maintenance phases but the basic materials, fittings and components remain almost similar and at every phase “SAFETY” remains the watchword and central theme.

Scaffolding happens to be one of the biggest contributors of accidents – fatal, serious and ordinary in nature throughout the world, but mostly in the third world and construction industry. This is due to unplanned and haphazard work methodology, untrained man-power, inadequate and inefficient supervision and overall management failure.

At ASK-EHS, we have identified the key areas that need to be addressed in order to develop a safe scaffolding execution system. We emerged as one of the most prominent scaffolding companies/contractor within the Industry at the national and international level catering to Construction, Operation, Marine and Building & Services Sectors. Having determined these areas, we have developed a comprehensive range of services that assist corporations on an end-to-end basis and serve them at every stage of the project life cycle.

Scaffolding Services

  • ASK-EHS comprises highly trained scaffolding team right from execution to management hierarchy for the vital maintenance, construction and marine sector, We provide complete scaffolding solutions and also work as “Scaffolding Contractor/consultants” for total services for access management at work-site
  • We Build teams of highly trained and competent scaffolders through intensive trainings, demonstrations and field practices. Sellers and Renters of custom-designed scaffolding materials, complying with best safety standards in the industry. (Cup lock system/ Tubes & Fittings / Ring lock system).
  • Specialize in undertaking turnkey scaffold contracts both on long term and short term basis. Scaffolding Management Software and e-learning.
  • Scaffolding Audit including Scaffold inspection and comprehensive safety audit.
  • Ensure speedy mobilization of men and materials to cater to operational plants requiring short term scaffolds during shut-down and maintenance.
  • Specially designed packages to suit your requirement, consisting of Scaffoldings Management, Provision of Trained and Competent Manpower, Custom designed Scaffolding materials, all together or in combination as per requirement.
  • Offer trained and competent human resources under different categories, such as 3 levels of Scaffolders (Trainee/Basic/Advance), Inspectors, Supervisors, managers & Engineers.
  • Specialize and offer effective scaffolding trainings, consisting of In-house and On-field trainings accompanied with pre-assessment and post-assessment of attendees.
  • Offer totally safe scaffolding solutions on new as well as on-going projects, working as a prominent agencies as scaffolding erectors, designer, builder, maintainer and dis-mantler.
  • Scaffolding design from simplest to most complex in nature, both on-shore and off-shore.


Last updated: December 2015

  • More than 40 million cubic meter scaffold erected and dismantled.
  • Having more than 40000 nos. of scaffolding personnel in database.
  • Having 600+ nos. of scaffolding personnel on direct roll.
  • Trained 3500+ Certified Scaffolding Inspectors & Supervisor.
  • Trained 40000+ individuals as Scaffolders.
  • Approx. 3500 tons of owned scaffolding materials used at various plant/projects in India.
  • Completed 12 years as successful Scaffolding Management Contractor.
  • Completed 10 years as successful Scaffolding Certified Training Institution.

Policy for Safe Scaffold Erection, Alteration and Dismantling and Use

To Ensure, Safe execution of scaffoldings work and use of the scaffold, we begin by developing policy/procedure/method statement and work rules. All of our policy/procedure/method statement and work concentrate on:

  • Sound design
  • Selecting the right scaffold for the job
  • Selection of right and good quality materials
  • Screening competent scaffolding personnel
  • Assess and control the Hazards and Risk at work
  • Certified Scaffold Training
  • Fall protection measures
  • Methodology of scaffold erection, alteration and dismantling
  • Guidelines for use of scaffolds
  • Inspections and Certification of materials and scaffolds
  • PTW and Scaff-tag system
  • Proper Maintenance and storage of materials
  • Manual and Mechanical materials handling