Top 5 features to look for in any EHS management software

Top EHS Management software

Environment health and safety is an ecosystem comprising factors that can ensure safeguarding of an organization’s assets such as man, machine and materials. It is a network of dependencies and co-dependencies that may become hard to discern and understand unless the right methods are in place to encourage the pivotal participants within the ecosystem.

Uninvited costs in terms of fines become known pretty quickly through media coverage but the lacuna that led to creation of such a situation isn’t evaluated, in the sense that better EHS reporting could have helped in avoiding such situation.

End to end EHS management solutions are helping organizations in setting the trend right. Such software offers a self-contained proactive solution for all the complex scenarios that emerge and take place within the ecosystem.

Here are 5 features to look for in an EHS management software that can uplift the safety performance of your organization:

1) Customized workflow and hands-on management

The software should encourage its users to act on information through efficient reporting, alerts and allowing to track for logged items. It should have the capacity to assimilate your business or organizational need rather than other way round. This aspect will encourage usage by the workers and allow the EHS team to ply the system to its full potential.

2) Adding attachments

It may appear like a small upgrade but consider the different types of checklists and forms for audit, inspections, safety observations etc. and it becomes clearer that the complexity can make it cumbersome. An EHS ecosystem is not only in place for compliance but it also safeguards the operational aspects. Therefore, a feature to add collateral can act as a boon to an erstwhile laborious approach.

3) Performance indicators

Compliance and regulatory upkeep isn’t the only purpose an EHS management software should fulfil. They should go beyond that and provide reporting of key performance indicators through which you can estimate and measure your organization’s safety performance – especially the leading and lagging indicators.

4) Notifications and alerts

The work environment may require urgent approvals through the chain of command. The EHS management software should enable this by providing separate and different forms of notifications that together increases the chances of fast-tracking approvals. Custom alerts and priority wise alerts set within the system can allow the users to priorities and ensure compliance as per the situation.

5) Solution availability

It should be available as per the demands of the domain it is serving. Field operations would require mobile apps and in cases where even connectivity becomes an issue, then an offline capable app should enable EHS reporting.

Apart from this list of features, a crucial aspect to look for in any EHS management software is the people component. Does the software come with great support, both onsite and online? Does the solution provider accommodate and align according to your domain and process driven demands? And finally, is there a prospect of implementing a newer process in the future that may arise?

Hopefully, this blog would have answered some of your questions and given you something to think about regarding EHS management and software approaches. As we conclude, ponder upon the top 5 features of EHS management software if safety remains a priority and an important consideration in your organization.

It would be great to know challenges that one faces when procuring EHS management software. We invite you to write to us in the comments box about some of the challenges you face while procuring such software. Your comments can start a healthy discussion and might even bring about a resolution.


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