5 safety highlights of 2019

5 safety highlights of 2019

Today, it takes no time to realize that safety is now front and center. Personalization is a big buzz word now – in the conversation of personalizing health and well-being experiences across the world, technology has definitely played its part. In 2019, industries have taken a more proactive approach towards safety, demonstrating a stronger commitment to the workforce well-being.

2019 has observed some spectacular advances in the field of EHS and OHS – let us ride through them and have a recap.

1. ISO 45001

An international safety management standard – ISO 45001 was introduced, which replaced OHSAS 18001:2015. It establishes a common, global safety management system that is consistent in steps and language with the current environmental and quality management system. It does not develop a standalone set of documents but instead, links business strategies and overall health and safety – for managing risks and contractors, core support processes, equipment and people.

With ASK-EHS now certified as ISO 45001, our enhanced approach places a greater emphasis on leadership participation, change management and performance management. We are now, certified to conduct trainings for ‘ISO 45001 – Lead Auditor’ course and successfully conducted batches for the same.

2. E-learning

We all have heard words such as ‘future of training’ and ‘skill development’ – to achieve a paradigm shift in the learning industry, these two words need the right execution. Especially in a country like India, where, if we go by its geography, has a large number of industries, which are spread over different parts of the world. To work globally, learnings need to align with the global business requirements.

E-learning serves as a path-breaking solution as it allows this compliance and health and safety trainings to be completed around other commitments – it boils down to using technology to gain skills and knowledge.

ASK-EHS, with its commitment to ‘experimenting in new approaches to learning’ has recently developed 12 E-learning safety courses for a UK-based global manufacturer of specialist products, advanced ceramics and composites. Over-the years, we have extended the range of trainings, making our catalogue one of the broadest in the EHS market.

3. Professional resourcing

Skill continues to be one of the sought after traits in a workforce – therefore, efficient manpower acquisition truly becomes a task of priority for the industries. In areas where hazards exist, safety cannot be compromised. In fact, safety professionals need to proactively identify and eliminate them before they can create a havoc.

Our approach towards safe workplace remains consistent, and now ASK-EHS has taken a step further and acquired overseas manpower license for recruitment and deployment in EHS and OHS. Being training providers and partners, our trained personnel are now in-line with global standards and can be deployed across the globe.

4. Software

EHS regulations are an evolving system, and keeping up with them can be a challenge, especially if the nature of the business is a complex one. The global expansion has a profound effect on the EHS regulations, as world becomes more connected and different companies expand into new areas of business. EHS software helps keep track of such changes and enables making fully informed decisions through –

  • Data logging on-the-go
  • Streamlined approach
  • Reporting efficiency

With presence in 10 countries, 80 locations and 10,000+ users, ASK-EHS has now innovated its style and approach. Our expertise has pushed us to dive deep into undertakings that are now more feedback and insight-driven, where we have undergone a service evolution into all our products – Permit-to-work, Scaffolding management software, EHS management software and now, Contractor management software.

5. Animation

Animation is that one tool which never loses essence, as it is a powerful medium to explain concepts in effective and engaging ways. As more and more industries delve deeper into health and safety, demands to make trainings more impactful surge. ASK-EHS safety animation has now evolved – complexities in industrial environments are now accommodated. We are now helping industries like steel and chemical, wherein animated videos now focus on SOPs, internal production processes – making them a complete delivery package.

There’s a new EHS paradigm at hand, and safety professionals need to adapt and adopt the right technological tools in order to compete and outperform effectively. While this remains an excellent opportunity for business leaders, ASK-EHS helps them steer through their safety vision with best EHS and OHS solutions.

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