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Scaffolding Training

Scaffolding happens to be one of the biggest contributors of accidents – fatal, serious and ordinary in nature throughout the world, but mostly in the construction industry. This is due to unplanned and haphazard work methodology, untrained manpower, inadequate and inefficient supervision, and overall management failure.

Monitoring Safety

Every year, thousands of serious accidents take place in the hazardous working environment of the scaffolder, of which 50 to 60 are fatal. With the proper Training of Monitoring and Inspection, every Industry can prevent these accidents.

At ASK-EHS, we have identified key areas that need to be addressed in order to develop a safe scaffolding execution system. We have emerged as one of the most prominent scaffolding companies/ contractors within the industry at the National and International level catering to Construction, Operation, Marine, Building & Services Sectors. Having determined these areas, we have developed a comprehensive range of services that assist corporations on an end-to-end basis and serve them at every stage of the project life cycle.

Scaffolding Inspector Training Objective of Scaffolding Training

Scaffolding Training aims to provide the participants both theoretical and practical knowledge to enable them to erect, inspect, use and dismantle scaffolds, using standard scaffolding guidelines.

Learning Outcomes of the Scaffolding Training

  • Importance of Scaffolds & their use
  • Understand roles & responsibilities engaged with the Scaffold activity
  • Identify the various kind of Scaffolding components & their technical data in line with International/ National standards
  • Apprehend Engineering of Scaffold & its principles
  • Recognize different types of Scaffolds & their applicability
  • Understand the Scaffolding material estimation & calculation
  • Understand & identify different classes of loads & calculation
  • Understand & apply correct techniques & sequence of erection, alteration, modification, dismantling and material storage.
  • Carry out inspection of a Scaffold & certify its stability.
  • Recognize & carry out Hazard identification, risk assessment & controls
  • Understand EHS requirements in Scaffolding Management & distinguish safe & unsafe Scaffolding practices

Decent knowledge of safe erection and dismantling of Scaffolding is needed to undergo Scaffolding Inspector Training.

3-days Intensive Online Training program on Scaffolding Inspector Training was recently conducted for the staff of a leading independent power company in India, with a successful track record of identifying, developing and operating power generation assets across the thermal and renewable power sectors, to enhance their knowledge related to the Scaffolding by our in-house EHS Trainer, Mr. Arun Senthil Raj.G (Sr. EHS Trainer & Auditor).

Scaffolding Training

Trainer’s Opinion

The basic knowledge of the Scaffolding process, components, types, erecting & dismantling, and safety in Scaffolding had been discussed elaborately. The participants were actively involved in interactions, group activities & assessments. They came to know about the national & international standards/ guidelines related to scaffolding through our presentation which is prepared in line with national & international standards.

ASK- EHS’s unique methodology of training deliveries such as lectures, presentations, videos, animations, group discussions, case studies and experience sharing helped the participants immensely to understand the process of Scaffolding, conceptually, in a simplified manner. Also, live streaming of scaffolding materials & other work-at-height equipments like retractable fall arrestors, lanyards, safety harnesses & rescue items were presented to the participants for better understanding.

Participants were encouraged to ask their queries on scaffolding components, types, material estimation & safe working procedures which made the whole training program interactive. Also, the trainer resolved their queries reasonably related to Scaffolding. Group exercises such as Scaffolding material estimation, preparation of HIRAC (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control) managed to catch the attention of the participants which further helped them to better understand the concept.

Module-wise questions were prepared & assessments were conducted after completion of each module.

Pre and post assessment method for the training program was conducted to measure the training effectiveness.

Contents discussed during the Training

Overall, the Training Program was well appreciated by the participants as well as by the management thus establishing the fact that the implementation of the learning outcomes from this training will be visible in their activities & work process.

ASK-EHS specializes in offering effective Scaffolding Training, consisting of In-house and On-field training accompanied by pre-assessment and post-assessment of attendees. Recently we completed 13 years as a most trusted and successful Scaffolding Certified Training Institution.

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