Skilled Manpower For Technological Innovations


A key to Manpower Recruitment

In today’s time workforce challenges are faced by organization for contract and permanent manpower recruitment There is a need to manage the variety of creativity with rapid access to the right talent, time to get a powerful competitive advantage. With a thorough understanding of recruitment trends and the availability of a highly qualified and skilled pool of candidates, there is a requirement to hire the right candidate for the right position as organizations need a skilled and experienced candidate with the potential to probe in the competitive market situation.

Manpower provider organizations develop a pool of highly skilled, qualified and experienced candidates. This requires continuous screening and assessment of the current potential of candidates to provide the services required.

Manpower recruitment Constantly engaged in performing the tasks of employees involved in the recruitment, selection, training and evaluation.such that the objectives of the organization are achieved with productivity, economically and effectively.For any organization, the personnel policies and decisions to recruit manpower are constantly changing as per the need of working professional skills and talent need. To retain such employees, job-specific training programs are planned to achieve both individual and organizational objectives. The objective of hired employees is to perform to the highest degree possible for the benefit of the business and have satisfaction.

Looking to the specialization and technological innovations, the need for skilled manpower has become an important criterion to maintain and increase business. The present trend of the manpower hiring process help to get qualified and competent personnel for various jobs in the organization.

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Objective of manpower Hiring

The purpose of manpower hiring is to employ a candidate with the required talent and skills who in turn get developed into valuable organizational resource. A huge amount is spent for manpower selection, training, and development For any organization, hiring is the basic function of management, a recruiting manager gets involved in the selection of the right candidate for the right job.

A recruiting agency want to know in depth regarding each assignment, business objectives, and talent needs. They match the knowledge and individual’s abilities and personal attributes to identify the right match to suit to work environment.

Manpower services provider organizations are innovative to meet the rapidly changing talent requirement. There are short-term assignments and permanent placement. To find the right candidate for a permanent position is considered costlier activities which involve reviewing resumes, credentials, confidentiality and suitability of candidates.It is a proven fact that the permanent manpower recruitment process is expensive to qualify candidates for permanent openings. In the process, the client has the advantage to hire a candidate with the required skills, capabilities and competencies from  manpower supplier agency.

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As an Authorized Recruitment agency,ASK EHS is approved by Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs for Overseas recruitment.  There are 1100+ personnel working on ASK EHS payroll at worksites PAN India.Over 300 corporate individuals are operating from our 2 offices located in Surat, GJ and Pune, MH.

Customized Workforce solutions


ASK-EHS provides customized manpower services as per the project requirement.

Customized Workforce Management solutions can be addressed to contingent workforce strategy. The requirement can be met by manpower solution provider agency, either it is required on-site or off-site by end-to-end solutions to increase productivity, agility and efficiency. Manpower outsource agency has the expertise and deep knowledge of global and local talent to provide clients highly qualified candidates. Candidate recruitment and deployment process to meet the client requirement are considered on a priority basis and with short notice also required manpower deployment is possible. Manpower supplier agency gets to know about the client and their objectives and company’s culture. Agency tries to understand the positions client require to fill, and the characteristics of the ideal candidate.

ASK-EHS’s own Job Portal Website that is equipped with global database of more than 100,000 qualified Health, Safety, Environment, Fire, Scaffolding ,Rigging, Security , Administration and project management professionals.


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