An Audit is a crucial need for errorless Scaffolding Management System: An Overview

Audit Process for Scaffolding Management System

An effective Audit Process for Scaffolding Management System is an essential management tool to provide an objective view of the actual status, identify weaknesses, recognize success, evaluate compliance, determine the adequacy of policies and procedures. Properly developed and conscientiously conducted audit ensures statutory, community, and ethical standards. An Audit Process can address and measure Scaffolding Management System issues in a proactive way.

Scope of the audit Scaffolding methodology


Opening meeting to be held on-site involving management personnel. An Audit Team to brief senior management staff on the scope and methodology of the audit. The objective of the meeting is to confirm the scope of work and proposed methodology. The meeting is to be used to gain a general understanding of the facilities and their design and operational philosophies. Following the on-site meeting, a detailed tour of the facilities is to be conducted.


  1. A brief of the findings of the audit completed.
  2. Scaffolding execution and management procedure.
  3. Requirement and types of scaffolding training at the site for the contractors and their workmen.
  4. Screening and skill development of the scaffolding personnel, before engaging them in the scaffolding work.
  5. Specialized training program/modules of scaffolding training for different categories of Bayer concerned engineers/personnel.
  6. Implementation, enforcement, and training of scaffolding standards and company procedures to all the concerned scaffolding personnel
  7. Training and certification for scaffolding crews.
  8. Assessment and awareness of six directional hazards of the working location, which shall be communicated to all the contractor personnel.
  9. Near-miss and other incidents/accidents reporting, investigation and analysis.
  10. Scaffolding materials management improvement.
  11. Importance of scaffolding audit system.


Closeout meeting is to be held on-site with the management staff present. The objective is to provide a preliminary indication of the conclusions of the review and to make sure that the review team had understood.

Scaffolding Management System


For each location, during an audit, the photographs are taken carefully using a digital camera, but we could not get them to show as evidence to support observations as those photographs are confidential and not subject to public disclosure.

How do you think an effective Audit Process can help to make your scaffolding management system errorless?

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  1. Auditing in any field be it construction, manufacturing, finance or retail it helps in improving various grounds like future scope of improvement, planning, current sort comings etc.

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