Annual Sports Day 2022

Annual Sports Day Ask ehs 2022

The COVID waves had, indeed, really tired off the individuals from the monotonous long days of work without the presence of any fun elements. Each person working in an office or at home, longed for a change – it motivated us to organize our Annual Sports day (straight after 2 years) without much pre-planning.

When anyone at work mentions about the words ‘Sports Day’, one is teleported back to their school days. It’s an opportunity no one wants to miss – be it a kid or an adult, as everyone is excited to experience the fun overload that’ll create long-lasting memories.

5th March 2022, Saturday – everyone waited for the fun-filled day and arrived at the ground. After all, after 2 years, each and employee wished to represent the company in a way that makes them proud. An office day to combine talent and play remains a perfect combination.

The day begun with some delicious breakfast and sweets to energize the players for some exciting games ahead.

When COVID happened, employees missed out on opportunities to maintain and build relationships, that enables making environment more friendly and harmonious. The bonding opportunities, then further extend well, beyond the day itself.

The team distributions helped that happen.

The ASK-EHS members got divided into 4 colour teams – Blue, Black, Red, and White. The games were divided into two parts – Cricket and the rest of them. At the end, the points were to be tallied and winners to be announced.

Ask ehs Sports Day 2022

Cricket is among the games that are the most played sports. Even if you plan a long day event, you have an upper hand of including many types of games.

Relay race, three-legged race, Spiderman race, knee-ball and blindfold were some of the many games that drove attention and participation of the everyone.

For families and kids, their seating areas were made enjoyable – and they enjoyed themselves with the games – right from ball in the baskets to hula loops, the interest, zeal, and enthusiasm was visible.

What stood as a highlight was Kabaddi – here, women sported India’s most enjoyable sport. One side cricket – the other side was Kabaddi. Women of all teams interestingly took part in the event, and it stood collaborative in every manner.

Womens Kabaddi Sports Day

The sumptuous meal in the afternoon relaxed everyone and the break gave them time to pause, refresh and resume for the further events.

The day was well-designed to offer employees, along with family members, the time that fulfils your purpose, an unwinding day that is full of excitement and fun!

Perhaps every once a year, all such activities are important and key to boost an employees’ morale.

Many games were childhood memories – all of them were a treat to watch.

With ample facilities on ground, the day was an entertaining one. Though ASK-EHS culture is sculpted through the day-to-day activities, such events, made them more solid and concrete.

As the day ended, results were on the table – Blue team emerged as cricket winners while the White team became the overall champions of the Annual event 2022.

Sports Day 2022 ask ehs

Memories made, empathy felt, and talents were showcased –employees took the experience home for a long time. Fun multiplied, employees rejoiced, with the real smiles.

Added in boosting the employee morale, built a better bond amongst the teams, and set an example of promoting a work-life balance, the event facilitated networking with like-minded individuals, supported and drove friendly competition. There were, indeed, plenty of positives in engaging employees with sports.

Employees productivity enhanced at the weekend and the day was well spent. What more can you ask for?


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