Assessing workforce readiness post lockdown

Assessing workforce readiness post lockdown

At present we are living in a scenario where we have emerged from a prolonged period of ‘inactivity’ from the organized sectors perspective. While the undercurrents for large to global organizations has been towards shaping a strategy – observe, address, and mitigate. The MSMEs have been left desperately searching for the right tools and methods to alleviate the stark reality arising from this pandemic.

Rather than jumping to the conclusion of ranking pandemic response from the organized economy – it is well worth to first acknowledge and set premise for the underlying facts. This scale of global pandemic shutdown has exposed the dual-wielding nature of progress.

Firstly, interconnectedness and ease of travel across geographies in short time has exposed the dichotomy of economic development – technology and ‘you’ can travel fast, but now, the resident COVID19 bug also gets a free ride along, as you go about your business.

Secondly, collaboration and team management has been posed with some serious and thought-provoking questions – as our living rooms and bedrooms have been our workplaces, effectively. Conventional business management models have miserably failed to alleviate issues cropping up from this merger, however, exceptions do exist.

Hindsight provides a remarkable crash course into the path’s nations chose, how they acted upon their planned response and how some nations which score medium on human development index have faired better than those in the high human development index.

Bold transformation travel plan

As the new normal of living with the coronavirus emerges – the onus on national state governments is multitudinous and inherently complex. For industries and organizations, a planned management strategy can be constructed and visualized that offers tremendous potential.

Readying the troops

The mindset prevalent for within workforce is one of turmoil and lack of perspective due to the confounding nature of this biological pandemic. How do you plan for something which is novel, and has shown tremendous pathogenic potential with contact spreading as a large factor that contributes towards higher infection rates.

A quick to launch e-learning based assessment can become a validating checkpoint for your organizational resilience and go a long way towards securing the human capital.

Skill based trainings, leadership programs and orientation E-learning packages with options for custom development can consolidate mindsets and leverage the time your workforce has spent away from their workplace – to start afresh and hit the ground running. From occupational health and safety aspect – off-the-shelf trainings are already available which can assure safe operations as soon as the workplace resumes.

In the field operations – where contractor workforce would be deployed – digital operations for contractor management has immense potential to ensure vigilance, safety, health, and monitoring. In the crunch situations where capital is a concern – organizations can look towards use of mobile apps as pilot program strategy to then later evaluate whether a full-fledged digital platform can be deployed by them.

Technology is an enabler which needs to be crafted for your current circumstances – this craft and shape can be brought into the fore via selection of the right digital transformation partner.

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