Behavior moulding to attain health and safety

Human beings are born bare by nature, with no competence, knowledge, information, awareness or any skill. They are moulded for any trade by the society or by self-effort so as to suit to the requirements needed for the job to be performed safely and efficiently; or for suiting to any situation or exposure with safe and healthy conduct.

Behavior (tangible that a person does) plays a major role, in deciding how a person acts in a particular situation. Proper awareness and training are the key factors towards safe human response. The same rationale applies to healthy living and health promotion. For a life worth living safety and health becomes the landmark.

A-B-C (Attitude – Behavior – Consequences) series, describes the conduct pattern of a person. Attitude is the driving force guiding our behavior that results in good or bad outcome. For attaining safe performance, one has to adopt safe way of working. Similarly, for maintaining good health, adoption of healthy way of living and working are required to be adopted.

Now talking about “Behavior Based Safety”, application of behavioral psychology and conduct to promote safe behavior in the workplace, using employee participation. It involves initially identifying practices (behaviors) critical to reducing the risk of injury and ill-health. These practices and behaviors are then compiled into a checklist that employees use to collect data on unsafe and safe practices within the organization. Finally, employee teams analyze data gained from observations to develop action plans that promote adoption of safe ways of working, each time and all times, rather as a working habit.

Behavior Based Safety focuses on the ‘people factors’ in safety and looks at the behaviors and attitudes of employees at all levels of the organization. It works on the premise that most accidents are a result of unsafe acts of employees.

4,000 workers die on the job each year, while 50,000 more pass away from occupational illnesses — Labor Statistics, OSHA

Maintaining a productive safety culture is most important for any company’s prosperity. Implementation of Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) process cannot be achieved without due consideration to the principles of effective training. Training begins informally when organizations first decide that BBS is an option for their organization to improve their health and safety standards. Top Management requires to take this up as an important task to achieve, with an active co-operation and involvement of its workforce, at all levels, in all tasks and at all times.

For moulding safe behavior and actions, training and awareness is a must. Training prepares you to identify unsafe actions and behaviors, helps you to work safely.

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