Behavioural successes for digital age

successes for digital age

Your smartphone, the laptop, the workstation and nowadays even the commuter car – seamless network connectivity defines their relevance in our lives.

Our work and personal lives have a distinctive digital footprint which spans and sits on the cusp of virtual-physical interfaces, experiences and technologies. The key to unlock any of the above stated interactive pursuits being our engagement through our know-how, interest or simply training.

But what drives our interaction is based on how we behave, believe and respond or react in our daily lives. This behavioural component is being the much touted tryst in selling, marketing and serving the economy. Organizations can enable their workforce with proactive digital tools, EHS software solutions and accessible apps – yet, they have little to no influence over the behavioural component – driving the very livelihoods, of both organization and its worker.

In EHS and OHS circles, we often get purchase from within by talking about the work culture. The work culture which should engender safety, focus on workforce wellbeing and serve environment for longevity. A similar trait needs to be identified to address behavioural successes linked with digital domain.

We are using these tools to measure productivity, highlight outcomes, make information accessible and all the way increase the transparency on an organizational level. All of these linked to people, all of them demonstrate significant behavioural component driving them and all of them somehow or the other are missing from the UI/UX of your organizations latest software-app-tool architecture.

Inclusivity in digital sphere will be the key to ironing our biases which can creep from the user behaviour. A stable, well-distributed target audience comprising of both men and women can offer better insights when a digital tool is being used. What organizations need to earmark is the relevance of such digital helpers that can only be increased by increasing their ‘faith’ in the workforce.

But what is faith in this case? Here’s a digital ‘faith’ quadrant

successes for digital age

Organizations can leverage behavioural component for better data-based results via this simple quadrant. The values being self-explanatory, but the essence is somewhat forgotten when we pursue digital dreams.

Safety under the intense scrutiny from the regulatory-compliance environment especially has a greater chance to befell against biases and behavioural component failures.

Do not forget that digital democratization will be necessary to ensure vigilance and monitoring in EHS and OHS. Therefore, user awareness trainings, strong EHS culture that motivates workforce and outcome-based framework which can ensure workforce participation – can leverage and lead the behavioural successes which are critical in making digital pursuits, a hit.

Here’s a 5 step guide to Behavioural successes for digital age

  • A combination of behaviour safety and digital tool trainings.
  • Increase focus on awareness campaigns for best practices, both digital and physical (based on your objective).
  • Identify, establish and communicate the link between your ‘real-world’ to digital transformation goals.
  • Develop, deploy and distribute collaborative digital platforms
  • Condition old-users with know-how and attract new-users with delivered benefits.

There are several other key issues which can be contextual and very much centered around your organization, company or domain. But let’s not forget that human behaviour is one sole driver behind every other fundamental economic pursuit – therefore, diversity driven digital success will let your score in market as well as the workplace.

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