COVID concerns mitigated for Incident recreation via safety Animation

8 major factory accidents related to oil, mining, chemical and pharmaceutical have occurred in India since February 2020. Every company wants to excel at all its business functions, operations and workplace wellbeing. However, in the times of COVID-19, workplace conditions have changed significantly:

  • Only key workers at site of operations under social distancing guidelines.
  • On-site compliance and adherence to regulations as per norm under duress
  • Scale of operations as per supply and demand fluctuations.
  • Remote working wellbeing concerns

Take for instance the case of incidents – near-misses, incidents, injury cases, accidents which can involve both human and mechanized assets.

Benefits of animated videos in EHS which can create better incident recreation scenarios for industries, customized to their plant and helps in creating a digital incident management footprint are tremendous:

  • Presents a true-to-life situation that learners face every day.
  • Imparts consistent information in every session.
  • Can hold the audiences’ attention by portraying emotional touches to generate emotional response.
  • Addresses multi-lingual needs to cover audiences of various regions & nationalities.
  • Easy to grasp and register even for non-literate/local workforce because of AUDIO-VISUAL presentation.
  • Ideal for demonstrating processes which are impossible to observe.

Process safety incidents have resulted in thousands of deaths, severe environmental damage, and massive property and business losses. Process safety is usually seen as the responsibility of process safety or chemical safety experts. However, limiting the management of process safety to process safety professionals ignores the contribution of generalist occupational health and safety (OHS) professionals and the value of an integrated, collaborative approach.

Explore one of the most prominent, tried, and tested method of recreating any Accident / Incident / Near-miss to educate your workers and spread awareness.

Highlights of incident recreation and accident investigation by ASK-EHS Animation division are as follows:

  • The exact site location and Machinery on which the incident occurred can be shown along with its operation.
  • Can demonstrate processes which are impossible to observe in real and could be the root cause for incident.
  • Every incident demands an accurate and thorough investigation. A recreation of an incident using animation helps investigators to identify its root cause(s) thereby, assisting them in taking appropriate CAPAs.
  • Explains root causes & corrective actions in detail and thus acts as a tool to create awareness for future precautionary measures.

Process safety is about managing the integrity of operating systems by applying inherently safer design principles, engineering and disciplined operating practices. It deals with the prevention and mitigation of incidents that have the potential for a loss of control of a hazardous material or energy. Such loss of control may lead to severe consequences with fire, explosion and/or toxic effects, and may ultimately result in loss of life, serious injury, extensive property damage, environmental impact and lost production with associated financial and reputational impacts.

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