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In her recent address, IMF Chief economist, Gita Gopinath reiterated the fact that inclusive economy building – for climate change (preparation), international trade policy hold-ups and overall resilience – will remain key to growth.

Within the prospects of occupational and environmental health & safety – climate change and resilience remain key as well.

How do individuals and organizational visions align, to come together and arise as combinatorial objectives which raise the fundamental safety and health game?

How do these fundamentals raise better communities, livelihood opportunities and increases gender-social inclusion?

More often than not, we as individuals fall under the impression that we exercise our decisions based on careful research, factual data and overall consensus.

However, empirical evidence and a Nobel prize in economics suggests something more counterintuitive. We base our decision making on even less evidence and time cycle than we ourselves realise or attach importance towards.

The two questions proposed share the same fate when it comes to making decisions for them.

Collective health and safety objectives need a common set of beliefs even though the methodologies employed can differ. The mechanisms of check and validation need gold standards even though they may differ in their implementation strategies.

Digital platforms are a great reformer when it comes down to universal deployment with accountability. Thus, enablement of combinatorial objectives that preserve and uphold fundamental safety and health tenets have a greater shelf life than say traditional methods.

Similarly, the second question at-hand – inclusivity, equality and better growth prospects – are served best with measurable outcomes, superior mapping and hindsight management.

Digital platforms offer these solutions by their functional extension and are a key driver in any EHS software.

However, the great challenge lies not in the superior technology development and its top-of-the-line features.

The challenge and dilemma rests with the implementation and execution potential of such digital platforms at modern workplaces and in our daily lives.

The lives of future generations don’t rest on the action of visionaries, only. Our contribution with equal footing, presentation of evidence and asking questions will achieve a lot more than just PowerPoints and big conferences.

Granular impact making individuals who have restored entire lakes and resuscitated beaches need digital enablement to build resilience. This resilience will then act like a support system for the like minded and will encourage the doubters to hedge their bets for a digital strategy against climate change and within their actions.

The exploding plethora of problems which are diversifying faster than the human race progresses; demands a more radical look at not only the physical choices which are being currently made but also the virtual ones – pragmatism against denial and equality in face of fascism.

Digital platforms can be a great equalizer for the industries and can help bring together people from different walks of life to participate and improve the EHS and OHS potential of an organization.

Future holds potential only when the right degree of preparation has been made to meet it, in time. Therefore, if we write or speak about such digital ideals and their limitless potential, we should also demonstrate and adopt them in our daily lives to maximise its impact.

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