Why custom-built E-Learning benefits a workplace more

Custom built e-learning

The true benefits brought on by the advent of digital age can be described by some of the catchphrases that’ve entered our lingo – “plug n play”, “ease of access”, “mobile ready” etc.

These phrases plug a huge gap of understanding and availability in learning delivery and therefore, can not only allow the users, like us, to learn anything. They also make it available via our mobile devices at anytime during the day or night.

Modern workplaces have come so far along that the most shining name in Indian Steel – TATA – uses wearables inside its plants to increase the wellness quotient and help the employees engage better at workplace.

E-Learning is like a stepladder which can allow employees and workforce to avail tremendous learning opportunities. A simple cloud-based SCORM compliant-designed learning package available via content distribution networks across the globe makes learning simple and part of everyday routine.

And these are not just derivative learnings – they are essentially core EHS-industrial-workplace compliant learnings that can help employees’ function efficiently and within safety.

But sticking out like a sore thumb are questions like:

  • How effective are these E-Learning packages and modules?
  • Is there a learning to productivity ratio that can be labelled as ‘essential’?
  • How does learning in a virtual world ‘actually’ translate within the real one?

All of these questions can be answered via constructing built-in metrics within your E-Learning packages. Therefore, it becomes necessary to get customized and tailor-made E-Learning modules rather than ‘off-the-shelf’ vanilla variety.

You see, the way learning metrics can be built especially for your workplace based on the learning outcomes deemed ‘essential’ can become a crucial performance indicator.

Top athletes in different domains of sports measure their readiness, fitness and agility (both mental and physical) via a blend of virtual and actual tests. This becomes a key qualifier within their performance assessment framework while aiming to compete with the world’s best.

Similarly, custom-built E-Learning can accurately record and translate real world benefits based on the caliber at-display within the virtual learning environment. Gamification is another way of ensuring that there is a sense of healthy competition within the ranks.

Some of the most outstanding apps that deliver language lessons – reading, comprehension, vocabulary and response agility – puts you up against players from all around the world. Competition helps our churn rate and allows us to apply ourselves thoroughly.

E-Learning environments have the potential to transform workplaces via application of effective methodologies that have been tried and tested to ensure delivery of maximum learning benefits.

But custom-built E-Learning will benefit your workplace via sustainable learning delivery which has stipulated learning outcomes that align and sync with your domain and area of activity.

By the virtue of performing tasks that an electrician undertakes or a rigger or a simple scaffolder – learning comes by-hand and by act of repetition.

Custom-built E-Learning can apply superior skill development and later, its enhancement, by offering ‘near-exact workplace conditions’ for these entry level positions.

It can uplift the overall skill quotient of specialists within the industry by plying specialized knowledge and its application timing by providing virtual environments that test their mental agility and safety perspective – ensconced within the parameters of active learning and testing ability.

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