Digital experiences for EHS

Digital experiences for EHS

Storytelling is an ancient thread which runs through the fabric of society itself. It weaves the beliefs, sometimes our faith and the collective experiences into an ornate mesh called culture.

Almost all of us love to hear a good story – contextual, abstract, tales of love, achievements, and sorrows. What we love about them is the transformative experience they can offer us with the simplest words, strung together to form powerful literature.
Safety and safety professionals to have a lot of stories to pass around. Schoolboy errors, terrible incidents and clever problem solving are the ones that are shared the most.

However, till now these stories, sometimes with profound safety learnings have merely been passed around as anecdotes. Even as the digital platforms are hurtling towards providing us with pinpoint accuracy of the flaw that hasn’t even shown itself (pre-emptive management). The overall safety culture built on the collective experiences of women and men in diverse workplaces still rely on siloed approaches to safety learnings.

While it has become a feature of large organizations to provide safety portal access to its employees. The smaller companies have stuck to simple message boards and maybe IM in form WhatsApp.

A core issue is security and privacy.

The second problem is the idea of empowering your workplace in the right way.

And that is precisely where the issues lie.

In terms of modern EHS apps and wearables technology – context and safety triumphs over overall coverage.

However, to develop uniform digital experience, call for domain-specific standards can help break the barriers for all. Accreditation and standards granting organizations can help in assimilating the necessary information and identifying the technology aids that can create a bridge towards this proposed safety culture.

PPEs have been introduced, adopted and made compulsory in a similar fashion.

And yet, technology aids can be made far more relevant with cost benefits under a short period of time. This is simply due to the prevalence of EHS software, incident reporting apps and overall policy making that is now slowly taking over and assisting the manual duties of safety officer.

But the key idea is liberation of information and letting it embed itself within a secure framework.

While organization need reliability in data capture capabilities – workers need privacy in the way information is being consumed – and safety division needs a framework that’ll allow them to assimilate this information and provide insights

This is the digital experience for EHS, the upgrade which will provide sharper insights into the way safety information is being taken aboard and converted into learnings for the workplace.

Oil and gas domain along with chemical and pharmaceutical behemoths are already investing time and resources. For them, it is not just the safety component that receives a boost. The overall business insights vitalize the business model through an ‘information-first’ approach.

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