Health and safety management: An emerging career option

Career in EHS management

There are several stats that can be taken into account when speaking about health and safety management, its growing need and the affirmative role it can play in determining the growth of an economy.

However from Indian perspective, the most striking one is India’s working population at 62%, which means, a vast majority of Indians fall under the 18-64 age demographic with the median age set at an astoundingly young, 24 years.
What this suggests for a fast developing nation is that its growth potential in terms of available human resources is fairly secure. Government programs under different themes and improvements to grass root level literacy and education schemes have further strengthened the prospects.

But an outlier among such breathtaking stats are the high number of industrial accidents and workplace fatalities which are being reported on by day to day media sources. Then there is the issue of unorganized sector within Indian industry which towers over the organized sector. Only twelve to fifteen percent of Indian workforce is employed within the organized sector.

Growth, employment and occupational health and safety are the emerging areas which will prove as the decisive battlegrounds where the future of developing economies will be decided.

Therefore, health and safety management as a career becomes crucial in deciding the odds in our favour.
Health and safety management encompasses Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) that effectively monitor, shape and reform these aspects from an organizational point of view.

A career in health and safety management means undertaking diploma or certificate courses such as the renowned NEBOSH (U.K) and IOSH (U.K) or safety diploma (with specializations) as per the country guidelines. And applying these qualifications within different industrial sectors for maintaining efficient and superior health and safety standards, governed by overarching laws.

Such safety programs provide a candidate with the ability to respond ‘for and against’ the state of health and safety measures through an unbiased and informed evaluation which leads to suggesting corrective actions.
The prospects for a career in health and safety are bright especially in case of India due to its growth potential and the increasing attention being paid towards stemming future accidents from happening through prevention.
The right qualification with even specialized diploma courses can make a world of difference for an aspirant as industries are taking notice and investing in their safety bottom line.

Technology and its disciplines were the buzzwords post2000. But now, as the juggernaut has acquired a consistent momentum, manufacturing and production are back on the table, attracting attention. Such sectors are increasingly looking out for trained and qualified health and safety professionals and so are businesses with operations spread across acres of office workspace around the world.

Occupational health is being looked at with a new-found attention as its benefits mean that organisations can afford to pay their employees better by saving costs and lost man-days via health issues and illnesses.

Health and safety management as a career requires the aspirant to don the role of a negotiator, a mediator and an individual who needs to employ patience at his job matched with technical credentials.

The vast number of upcoming projects spread across Indian landscape would need such qualified health and safety professionals.

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