Gaining perspective with EHS qualified Manpower

Qualified Manpower

Accident investigations when done properly can teach us a lot of stuff about our own systems, their failures, bottlenecks and response times.

In the same vein, there are pervasive issues that relate to competency.

Competency in professional streams is often measured in years of experience or number of hours spent on machine operations – based on level of employment.

And yet, there is a crucial mismatch as to how we look and evaluate white collar jobs and blue collar jobs in India. A distinct lack of qualifications makes up the identity of the latter.

Qualifications as a knowledge shield

Accident investigations also pinpoint to these facts in sometimes morbid ways. Excerpts from such reports highlight the overconfidence and lack of proper functional knowledge among the significant reasons of failure. The consequences of which led to fatalities, thereby, making up the structure of how industrial India largely functions.

The argument isn’t that competency can only be adjudged via qualifications.

However, the thought is that qualifications can enhance the quality of craft, knowledge and a know-how of EHS aspects that accompany any industrial task.

It is not one versus another rather as to how EHS qualifications can make a worker shine in their pursuits.

In tiers of applied industrial work (including construction projects), manpower skill and EHS qualifications is fast becoming the criteria that make-or-break the project.

It would be naïve to conclude that layers of automation and digitization can function in isolation. Modern industrial jobs aren’t simply reliant on levels of automation. The skilled hands that drive this automation and apply them as tools discern performers from laggards.

EHS qualification as an asset

Consider the job of an average machine operator who over the course of time has started understanding how newfound automation makes the job easier.

Let us move onto the construction site scaffolder who has just started using a new digital platform which promises to ease inventory burden.

In both the cases, years of ‘working knowledge’ can be mistranslated into functional know-how. This isn’t a plagiarized notion rather a proven fact as research and development along with technology is driving a ‘performance churn’ – separating good from the mediocre.

Lack of qualified EHS manpower will always run into this barrier despite the best efforts of management to prolong their skillset.

The logical step is to look for partners that can actually deliver ‘skill based’ training and EHS competence at all levels. This includes the different jobs or site specific tasks that require more than just willingness to do their jobs.

EHS qualifications can transition the worker’s competence into a measured activity by design. The worker experience can be better honed via EHS qualifications as it becomes a periodical engagement activity.

The personnel gain confidence through superior training and skill updates. This stands out as better work performance and outlook due to the knowledge at-hand.

Consequently, instead of thinking in terms of finishing the job, the worker starts cultivating the habit of completing the job, safely.

Partners at work

Creating a health and safety positive environment at workplace or worksite isn’t a straightforward task. However, with the help of individuals that value their EHS qualifications and trainings, it isn’t a difficult goal, either.

Individuals lay the foundations for the larger EHS roadmap. Their safe actions, preventive measures and proactive reporting makes the workplace safe and efficient.

Developing EHS qualified manpower is a pursuit that large corporations and major construction houses are doing as a routine, now. Over the years, the routine has turned into a habit. A safe habit that is providing measurable results and rewards.

Another route to securing expertise on-demand is via contracting out the manpower to reliable EHS manpower providing organizations.

It depends on which mode can be suitable for which organization but the assured returns and safety are delivered without fail.


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