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The very first objective of any safety management system is “prevention with proactive reporting”, thus all the plans and procedures are driven by this very commitment. The harsh reality is, after all the efforts and hardwork, accidents do occur. Hence every safety management system paradoxically also prepares for “What If, It still Occurs” and the answers to this question leads to something known as emergency planning in technical terms, that allows the information to propagate in a faster way to a larger mass.

So now the question arises, how we prepare for “What If’s”. Well, the knowledge for this comes from 2 sources:

  • one is from hypothetical analysis of what can go wrong
  • Second is the learnings from similar accidents from the past

To learn from previous mistakes, it’s necessary that the details are well documented and thoroughly investigated and also ensure that the lessons learnt never fade off from the memory of individuals.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana (The Life Of Reason 1905)

Incident/Accident investigations are an integral part of an HSE Management System, the target is to Identify, analyze, modify and share.

In past when technology was primitive or was in its toddler stage, all the above-mentioned steps were achieved using paper-based system which were circulated for knowledge sharing. These methods were tedious, slow and unreliable in many cases. Hence delay in reporting, analyzing, modifying and sharing resulted in more accidents of similar nature.

Now the times have changed, new technological methods have come up, which are far more effective and efficient for countering such issues.

  • A Software for reporting, investigating and identifying corrective measures of an incident ensures that everyone in an organization can be informed in the real time. The information surely reaches to every one connected to similar operation.
  • An Animated Recreation of the An Accident/ Incident / Near-Miss with corrective actions, circulated via closed user group on WhatsApp, Social Media which ensures the way for others to witness what went wrong and what should have been done ( Corrective Actions).

    These short videos can be shared in company’s safety induction training to remind workers of the past so that they do not repeat the same mistakes again. This can demonstrate processes which are impossible to observe in real and could be the root cause for incident.

ASK-EHS has served many big clients nationally as well as internationally with the above-discussed Software (with EHS Accident, Incident, Near-Miss Recording & Analysis module) and with various Safety Animations.

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