Growth engine and learning roadmap for OHSE

Growth engine and learning roadmap for OHSE

The thought and talks that are doing rounds in the current work scenario especially for office workplace employees goes on to say that “…we are not working from home; we are living at work”.

Unusual, unprecedented and several other adjectives are being thrown at us in a manner to normalize the seismic shift which all workplaces have felt due to the pandemic. It is a human trait to search for reason and define parameters for almost everything, so that an understandability by recognition can emerge. The sooner an organization can pivot using digital platforms and provide unhindered support resources to their workforce – the easier and simpler would be the transition which many workplaces have been pushed into (without much choice).

As an OHSE learning and training partner for several global and national organizations – E-learning opportunity for professionals and workforce, alike – became a focal point for our lockdown efforts.

The premise was simple, we made available 12 OHSE E-learning courses available to individuals and organizations who would be interested in leveraging a “no-cost” learning opportunity during the lockdown period (March to first week of June).

This offered a fascinating window into the mindset of our workforce who were either looking to fortify their domain learning in OHSE or were simply looking for technical and knowledge-based upgradation.The resultant learning journeys and shared experiences from OHSE professionals around the world pointed towards a fast-emerging theme.

Digital OHSE learning management as a two-pronged strategy to tackle and overcome the COVID crisis looming on businesses is a fact, which will remain key to rebuilding for next 15 months.

  • Skill and competency-based E-learning, during lockdown not only enhanced human capital, but also boosted morale for remote and work from home workforce.
  • The direct benefit begins with reinforced safe work for skill specific OHSE activities and high-risk activities and the residual effect can be seen in day-to-day plant operations.

To develop, learn and cultivate these aspects will allow businesses to hit the ground running as the organizations scurry to manage better business outcomes with safer and healthier workplaces that run seamlessly.

We have consolidated the insights generated from this no-cost learning opportunity which can become a potential roadmap for both large organizations and MSMEs. The growth engine E-learning courseware has to offer should be an investment in developing human capital. This goes two-steps ahead of the compliance curve and the HR planning. The attrition and job losses which we are likely to see in next 8 months and its adverse effects on an already stretched bottom line should not result in exerting negative effect on OHSE.

E-learning management-based learning and knowledge upgradation will enhance skill, help the workforce to become competent and confident at their role and therefore, the overall benefits will cut through the market noise and negative sentiments.

Industry, skill, and trade specific E-learning requires more than I.T. – industry veteran SMEs whose knowledge is crafted by a global safety animation studio can provide definitive and holistic OHSE learning objectives for your organization.

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