How E-Learning can work from home for Organizations

How E-Learning can work from home for Organizations

Extraordinary circumstances test our plans and they also bring out the best in people – as a group interdependent and co-dependent on each other’s strengths and competencies, real progress becomes achievable.

Organizations are under lockdown across the globe due to the COVID-19 outbreak and under different sets of conditions as well as available help. And an opportunity, wherever allowed by conditions such as decent network connection and willingness to learn – is emerging and can become the biggest learning opportunity in professional development.

E-Learning is the mode via which organizations can not only distribute its accumulated learnings, but also, help newly recruited candidates to fast track their way into the organizational structure.

While professionals and office-goers are being expected to be productive and engaged with their roles and responsibilities – in work from home mode – learning is a crucial opportunity which can act as a functional know-how bridge – in terms of addressing both time and retaining focus.

For industrial workplaces, refresher E-Learning and guides to newly updated compliance framework can bridge the time spent on sites and knowledge evolution which often happens in-parallel and at a tremendous velocity. This would allow supervisory cadre to polish and refine their skill and provides a sense of purpose to them in times of uncertainty, as we are currently facing.

For operators and newly inducted employees, essential induction and orientation trainings which your organization considers as imperative can be deployed, right quickly.

Both these actions also provide management with the right time to set and clarify expectation management which is prone to changes and alterations in current circumstances of COVID-19.

For office workplaces – a guidance in helping employees manage their time, set of activities and how does the reporting or expectation management function can be turned into a module with quick assessment and key compliances covered.

The learning gaps identified by digital training management can now be used as effective data anchor – for employees who are lagging; time to catch up. And a secure learning management system can help you with this from anyplace in the world with decent network connectivity – user logs in and completes their pending modules while at home and can undertake assessments.

E-Learning can drive engagement and keep your employees connected to each other as they will have more time at their hands and your services also feel the adverse effects of shutdowns. The learning component and keeping them connected becomes critical in case of COVID-19 emergency as the world faces an uncertain future.

It not only becomes a learning framework for your employees but provides your organization the opportunity to catalyse uncertainty into resilience. Many field and practical E-Learning courseware cannot be effectively assimilated until the know-how is displayed and executed in compliance, at the worksite or workplace.

But at the same time there are plenty of skills and continual professional development courses that will determine the longevity of your human resources and their potential calibre to become human capital.

Leader and senior managers should take the opportunity to segment and determine the course requirements which will serve their workplace better.

Then again, proactive planning met with relentless motivation and daring to dream are the known human traits that have survived extremely unlikely odds. Let us keep the wheel turning and face this COVID-19 disease emergency by self-quarantine and making sure we strive and learn, each day and help others around us.

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