How the manufacturing industry is using Animation to translate complex processes & SOPs into easy learning modules

Manufacturing Industry

Automation has already found its way into various operational processes of the manufacturing industry. Yet, the human hand continues to participate as a major player in the entire operational hierarchy. With complex and fresh processes being introduced every once in a while, incremental education is also gaining importance.

Traditional methods of documenting processes and explaining them to stakeholders over a training session remain the most popular ways of transferring the required information. At best, images of machines and processes are taking more prominence over plain text. A valuable addition to this estate is that of animation.

New disruptive training goals focus more on learning outcomes rather than conventional learning hours. Organizations are ready to confiscate hour wise learning targets to outcome driven targets. This disruption has led to a more qualitative approach that has driven great results – especially in the safety spectrum.

2D & 3D animation has the magic of bringing processes to life and has been a key ingredient of disruptive learning. The advent of motion graphics has made it possible to simulate the entire process into an animated movie and show it to stakeholders of different cadre. In fact, the animation movie is even able to show some of the most intricate assets / parts of a particular machine or process which is otherwise not possible. This opens up many possibilities of explaining some of the descriptions in vivid detail.

Animation sop

Distinct advantages of using animation to depict processes

  1. Department heads would find it worthy to actually run a movie explaining the various processes (Or even SOPs). The intricacies, sequences and minute details can be easily captured and explained using life-like animation.
  2. Viewers are able to absorb such content far more easily than otherwise. This holds especially true when stakeholders come from diverse cultures and speak different languages.
  3. Animation movies can be run in a loop until the time it is registered in the minds of the stakeholders – and consistently so! This allows organizations to even free a resource for more important assignments on hand.
  4. Organizations can actually show an entire process from raw material to finished product through animation. This allows them to use the movie as a value addition to bids and promoting GMPs towards authorities / customers
  5. One key advantage is that explanation of a particular job role can be made simple as well as accurate. With changing dynamics, each role can be explained in isolation (considering each stage of the production process) to the respective stakeholder. Organizations can tailor their training around such precise animated movies.

Are these easy to develop?

Most organizations are apprehensive towards making movies fearing the development process and time it might take to make one. However, thanks to new-age technologies and domain experts, making customized movies has become far easier than previously imagined. For safety training, ASK-EHS has utilized the combined intelligence of highly qualified trainers, SMEs and technocrats to produce result oriented training programs and movies. The process followed is also quite simple;

  • Write a script (Which is also the narration in the movie)
  • Creating a story board (Which includes formalizing of characters, landscapes, backgrounds etc.)
  • Developing a rough draft
  • Delivering the final movie


animation process chart


While this may sound farfetched, ASK-EHS guides organizations in realizing this motive. It also helps that we have many years (and hours) of experience in making these movies.

So far organizations have explored multi-format videos to address only some of the basic safety traits (like inductions). It can certainly be worthwhile to look at other areas where videos and animated clips would make the difference.

Know more about how ASK-EHS is helping organizations get the most out of their safety videos here: safety animation 

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