I Wonder How?

(TATA Steel, Jamshedpur)

Dear Friends and ASK-EHS (ASK-EHS Engineering & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) family members,

I am not a blogger and to be honest this is my very first attempt at writing a blog piece. So I take the complete onus of all the mistakes in it.

To pick up a pen or open a word document to key in the words, which are daily work things, is normal for all of us. However, to write about something that either touched your heart or inspired you, is a process which excites you at onset, before you actually start writing about it.

Yet, as soon as you start, it becomes scary because you don’t know where to start… Confused!!!

You are skeptical if you will be able to do justice to it… Afraid!!!

You doubt weather readers will like it… Judgmental!!!

But then the thought that inspired you to undertake the mammoth task, is so over whelming that it overcomes all the fears and inhibitions you have. You must have guessed by now, mine have disappeared too.

Now the question is what inspired me so much, that I decided to undertake something that I have never done before in my life? (Writing a blog and extending myself to the world without the fear of being judged).

The reason might sound juvenile, but here goes…

ASK-EHS’ Management team was invited by the HSE Chief of TATA steel Jamshedpur to visit the facility and present the services of ASK-EHS.

Friends, I have worked in the field for over 20 years and from the past 10 years, I have been on this amazing journey of setting up ASK-EHS. During this roller coaster ride, I have had the privilege of interacting or visiting a number of Indian and International companies. They all were great and aimed to achieve excellence in HSE – very professional and open to innovative ideas. So what was so different this time?

Sheer intensity to Excel, Ethics, Transparency and Commitment are the only few words that I could think of. But that is only because of my lack of understanding… because I know that there are many more that I might have missed.

Right from the word go, the planning and organization of the visit was immaculate and precise to the point. This was done in order to ensure maximum output in minimal time. The commitment of the leaders to gather all the Heads and Chieftains of different units to the opening meeting… the interaction, productive criticism, encouragement, precision and involvement of each and every individual in the meeting, was an eye opener and made me understand, why TATA is what it is today.

Post the opening meeting, each of the chieftains showed no diplomacy for the things they did not like. They gave suggestions for improvements and showed excitement to discuss things further, which (they anticipated) had potential. The honesty to provide straight forward answers encouraged us to ask direct questions. This is the kind of feeling I have not felt for a long time (as a service provider). I felt, I have been transported to an era where, when a bunch of professionals got together to execute a job, they left ‘themselves’ out of the room and only their work was with them. Prejudice, bias, superiority or discrimination were feelings that were nonexistent.

I wonder how…?

An entity with over 20 thousand employees, over 30 thousand contract workers and over 100 years old… A giant in the field and a force to reckon with, manages to stay humble and respectful even to a prospective vendor seeking opportunities.

I wonder how…?

The top guns, who have the powers to make or break, inherit a sensibility that only makes decisions for the upkeep of the organization.

I wonder how…?

The subordinates provide reinforcement with their extreme best to the pillars they support.

Friends, I wonder a lot more but I guess that after pondering the issue to the hilt, I believe, that the greatest gift is “Belief” which is at the core of all this.

A great learning curve for the management of an organization that is trying to make its place in the world. We thought we have armed ourselves to the teeth and are prepared, only to realize that it’s not a battle that you win, rather a belief which keeps the flame burning eternally.

Thank you TATA Steel Jamshedpur.

Penned by, Udayan Sharma, Founder & Director, ASK-EHS Engineering & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

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