ID Badge & Head Count Software: Manage and Track Workforce

One of the biggest challenges, for any business or industry is to manage its workforce. They would always express difficulties about managing employees/contractor/worker’s data. This situation gets worse when work is ongoing at multiple sites where contractor/labor/worker keeps on changing.

Some of the common complaints are about managing and tracking employee’s information along with their photographs, issuing instant employee ID cards / contractor ID cards. In all managing data and issuance of employee ID cards has become tough and costly as well.

Now think what if there is software, which can manage all your nightmares of managing employees’ information, without even you keeping spreadsheets, database files, email folders etc.

Employee ID Card Software can overcome all the above said changes. This software with its finest technology helps issuing instant employee ID cards, allows accurate tracking and managing employees/workers/contractors data even if there is a huge turnover of manpower.

Employee ID Card Software facilitates storing and tracking workers/contractors/employees information along with their photographs. Employee ID cards can even be customized as per client requirements and can be issued instantly. Enabled with web camera, fingerprint technology, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Reader, it also helps in batch processing and printing employee ID cards at one go whenever needed.

With value additions, and keeping all the industry specific requirements in mind, ASK-EHS has successfully designed custom made ID Badge Software with Head Count Management and implemented the same in various construction / shutdown and operation plants. With 100% client satisfaction, this software has been successful and has received excellent results.

ID Badge Software can be successfully applied in

  • Construction/Project Site
  • Operational Plant
  • Power Plant
  • Oil & Gas Refinery
  • Mining
  • Medium/Large size factories
  • Any organization having more than 100 employees

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