Improving contractor productivity

contractor productivity

According to the MGI Construction Productivity Survey, nearly 1.6 trillion dollar worth of productivity is at stake when it comes to evaluation of global construction industry.

Now, Asia-Pacific region, especially, lags rest of the world due the unorganized nature of occupation, lack of reliability among sub-contractors and worker, and not to mention the lack of stringent OHS code.

India is set to change these factors with a systematic push meant to address the uniformity of OHS laws. And, to look into providing a reliable training atmosphere to overlook the unorganized sector migration into the limelight of organized sector.

Similarly, digital platforms can carve and create suitable niche for construction sector to establish themselves with the rest of the industries.

While training management can take a sizeable chunk out of the skill uncertainty, modern trained worker requires digital input to function and function well. Scaffolding management software can be used as a direct plug for enabling:

  • Safer work at height
  • Better productivity for work crews
  • Better build quality via proactive management

Such digital platforms provide trained labour an edge over the miseries of poor skill and shoddy equipment.

Another crucial aspect in today’s construction business or site-project-workplace is contractors and sub-contractor management. Superior builds require positive pace and breath-taking integration to give rise to citadels of humanity that symbolise wealth and progress.

Digital platforms are now helping organizations to reaffirm their EHS commitment while working with their suppliers, vendors, contractors etc.

Contractor management software precisely performs such functions that can:

  • Measure and reporting good practices
  • Flag and report violations and failures
  • Safety inspection cover for vehicles and equipment
  • Comprehensive HSE planning and visibility
  • Hazard reporting with incident management & investigation

These value drivers are then also associated with kiosk-based end-user management, in form of:

Kiosk based interaction points promise:

  • faster response times
  • accurate and timely information capture
  • Superior coverage for ease of access
  • Model system characteristics, propagates better usage
  • User-friendly with multilingual support

These are but few of the advantages contractor management software can offer – the express benefits come in form of the real-time data capture and information delivery. Which is crucial to the modern construction industry, all over the world.

We cannot override the human or judgement-based errors which might hinder and hamper productive outlets of work. However, by introducing measurability and prompt notifications based on defined metrics, authorization checks and log-in/log-out system: construction or project sites can reap innumerable benefits.

The effective control of workforce in terms of their work, attendance, permissions and HSE compliance – forms the fundamental pillars based on which, an organization can look forward, plan its business and safely execute it.

Digital platforms like these offer better chances of optimization, rule-based authorization, background and proactive tracking – that is all available on your chosen devices with hierarchy-based monitoring.

Is contractor management even within your scope and line of work? Construction industry aside, contractor management becomes a big challenge for qualification of sites and project work – are you on the hunt for a digital workhorse that can uplift your game? Throw us your questions or simply provide us your comments and queries.

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