How One of India’s Largest Business Conglomerate used Progressive eLearning Programs for Meeting Their Training Targets

eLearning Programs

What can one of India’s largest business enterprise possibly need, that they couldn’t procure or develop themselves?

The answer to the above is specialized, focused and highly productive Environment, Health & Safety programs. ‘Why?’ one would ask.

For starters, formulating any training program would require collaboration of 3 important professionals;

  1. An industry subject matter expert
  2. A EHS domain expert &
  3. An instructional designer

For a conglomerate of large size, gathering these professionals for the specific purpose of developing remote learning programs was one huge challenge. Add to that, their involvement in diverse businesses (Energy, Petrochemical, Natural Gas, Retail, Telecommunication, Mass Media & Textiles), and the challenge grew multifold.

They intended to update their training delivery – especially through digital means. They targeted in-house employees of all cadre for these training programs.

Their primary intent was to upgrade their existing training programs so that it could be delivered digitally. They also wanted to ensure that the programs were upgraded to the point that they created a radical impact.

The corporation had already developed a host of 3D animated movies that would address each of their EH&S challenges. They had experienced considerable success through these movies and wanted to find ways to incorporate them in their eLearning programs as well.

The one issue that was already sorted was the LMS – the platform on which these training programs would be accessed from.

The solution had to be simple, yet effective – which meant developing a completely customized eLearning modules specifically for their audience in focus i.e. engineers, technicians, line managers & supervisors.

With a clear objective, they described their requirements to their preferred service provider. All they had to do was collaborate with them to identify and develop the content flow of all course modules. Clear guidelines were also provided to identify aspects that could be better explained through 3D animation for increasing the level of interactivity.

The essence of the modules that the client wanted, had to be kept intact. The biggest positive had to be that their preferred service provider had an in-house team that comprised of all 3 experts (mentioned previously) who would work on these modules.

The elements that were incorporated to make these modules more compelling were:-

  • The module was developed incorporating the objectives
  • These modules were enhanced through the knowledge contribution of the professional team
  • Complex processes that were earlier explained in plain speak were now showcased better with the use of 3D animation.
  • Standards were translated into graphical representations for facilitating better understanding
  • With the addition of periodical knowledge checks between topics, user attentiveness was ensured
  • All custom developed programs were procured in SCORM compliant packages that could be seamlessly deployed on available LMS

The biggest positive from this assignment for the enterprise was that they were able to leverage their time and effort in order to develop truly productive and impactful eLearning programs. These eLearning modules continue to run on their LMS even today.

User benefits

The client’s objective was to ensure optimum retention of information through the training module. This objective was fulfilled with the extensive use of 3D Animation explaining processes & the comprehensive assessment that followed. The modules not only met but exceeded their expectations. It helped them achieve their primary goals as well as lay groundwork for their long-term goals as well.

As is the case in these tough times, eLearning programs act as saving graces for many progressive corporations.

How are you conducting EH&S trainings in your organization? Write to us with your views and comments.

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