Integrated EHS Concept and its Various Aspects

1. Civilization growth Vs people’s welfare (EHS)

In course of growth of civilization, man invented and found out various techniques, machines, gadgets, variety of materials / chemicals / energies which added ease, strength, capacity and several advantages to enhance standards of living and efficiency in working.

Technology or for that matter any new introduction of techniques bring with them inherent hazards which need to be countered in right measures, otherwise the harms / losses outweigh the advantages and the very purpose of new venture is lost. Man has the capacity to counter these arisen hazards but it needs management systems, organizational back-up, awareness and training, competent persons and an integrated approach towards the safety, health and environmental aspects of the new scenario.

2. ADVANCED technology needs A Cute sense of discipline and superior work-culture

Modern applied science and sophisticated and large capacity technology have multifarious resultant ramifications on health and safety aspects as well as surrounding environments that affect our well-being. All the concerned and connected aspects need to be taken-up, identified for potential and intrinsic hazards, analyzed for the likelihood and consequences, solutions and remedial measures searched, organized, implemented and sustained so that the benefits accrue but the ill-effects are countered in full.

Easily said than done! The task is gigantic even at the organizational level and at the national scene, it needs great effort by the government, social, legal, industrial, workers, stakeholders and related sectors to combine and make contributions in right earnest.


3.1 Clean and orderly workplace and safe and healthy working conditions matter a lot. Dirty, slippery, haphazard workplaces cause slip, trip and falls with resultant injuries and harms including fire-incidences. At the workplace, machines and equipment are installed on which workmen perform operations. The surrounding atmosphere and environment need to be safe and healthy too, so that the work is carried out safely and in a healthy manner.

3.2 Safe and Ergonomic design of the workplace and the surrounding make a positive contribution towards working conveniences and resultant production. It adds quality to the products and executed works and also health and happiness of workmen. Unwanted incidences don’t occur and outputs by workers increase.

3.3 Methodical working is required to be adopted. Safe work method is to be devised and executed. Job is to be performed safely and all aspects of safe working taken care of, with no exception.

3.4 Risk detection and assessment is needed to be performed in detail. The identified and assessed harmful potentials need to be analyzed and the relevant control measures and precautions searched and applied by the trained set of personnel, workers and supervisors. Eco- friendly process technology and suitable hazard control technology need to be applied.

3.5 Prevention and control of work situation and surrounding environment including exposure to hazards are to be affected.

All the necessary control measures are to be timely introduced and well maintained throughout the work.

3.6 For workman, supervisors, engineers and managers, improved and proficient methods of selection, training and placement are to be adopted.

3.7 For maintaining a healthy and efficient band of workforce and supervisors, periodical medical checkup is to be scheduled and conducted. The prescribed medical advices are to be followed up and maintained.

3.8 Behavior-based safety and health is to be adopted. Periodical psychological study of human behavior for safety is to be conducted followed by reinforcement measures for inculcating safe and healthy behavior.

3.9 Nearby public is to be included by the organization. Public awareness and preparedness program i.e. community involvement for public health and safety are to be conducted.

3.10 Management must review periodically all EHS programs and take timely actions to introduce necessary changes and improvement measures wherever required.

4. Conclusion:

For maintaining industrial peace and harmony, achieving high production and productivity, acquiring quality and reliability in the market; safe, healthy and happy workforce and also sound eco-system and ambience are pre-requisites. Hence, management and concerned authorities must take full note of the above mentioned EHS concepts and its various aspects and take appropriate measures internally and also associate competent service providers of repute in this venture to achieve the goal.

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