Measure Productivity of your Scaffolding Operations

Scaffolding Operations

Scaffolding operations requires careful planning, diligent and timely execution along with understanding the demand-supply network that would take shape once the build project kicks-off. Apart from the technical demands, there are functional demands within the scaffolding lifecycle – inspection and maintenance.

Owing to its complex nature of operations, authorities face a huge challenge of monitoring and measuring activities at multiple scaffolding sites in a single project. It becomes difficult to have a physical presence at each working site within a given area/location just to monitor activity. Owing to this, it is difficult to identify whether the teams that have been allocated to a particular project are working as expected. Similarly, it becomes extremely difficult to monitor material used in a single scaffolding site.

Software technologies have been successful in addressing many of such challenges. It is getting clearer that using technology, many of these complex procedures can be simplified. One benefit of such technologies has been a radical reduction in the erroneous estimation/consumption of scaffolding material to be deployed.

Using Scaffolding software, one can easily estimate the amount of material to be used based on the scaffolding request and scaffold dimension vs material matrix. After deduction, the balance material can be accounted for as a reference within the software and an accurate assessment can be made with regard to the exact ‘tonnage’ for the particular job.

Similarly, the software allows authorities to measure the productivity of teams working on a particular job. Owing to the demands of measuring the optimum work done, software-users are able to accurately measure the performances of each individual who is a part of the scaffolding team. This allows authorities to cross-reference productivity vis-a-vis specific jobs. After all, as the popular saying goes, “What gets measured gets managed and what gets managed gets results”!

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