OHS Animation for FMCG sector

OHS Animation in FMCG sector

FMCG industry has recently been in talks when companies big and small, have tilted their interests towards alternative proteins – plant-based meat being an example. The food industry is undoubtedly, subject to various such novelties as it relies on the consumer demands. To suffice those needs, food industries have driven food safety and hygiene on the top of their agenda.

“Every stage of the supply chain, from R&D and product development to raw material procurement and manufacturing, must be routinely monitored and supervised to ensure full compliance with regulatory standards.”

The above monitoring stands imperative to both – food safety as well as health and safety of the workers in this industry. In the era of globalization, supply networks are becoming increasingly complex, and yet with the technological advances and new regulations, workers in food processing and manufacturing industry continue to face various health and safety risks. Therefore, access to safety knowledge remains essential.

Animated videos boost and enhance safety learnings with a visual appeal – through simplified themes and messages on safety, engaging safety communications pack a punch with the audience.

Unlocking the safety value through animation

During raw material handling, the food industry covers a diversified range of activities. For e.g. in the initial stage of food processing, raw materials are washed and cleaned, where workers have to observe personal hygiene rules such as hand-washing and protective clothing. At this workplace, there is a constant use of water, which means the floor is likely to be wet. This consequently extends the risk of slip, trip and fall hazards.

Meat, poultry and seafood spoil easily unless processed under low temperatures. Here, workers often perform tasks in refrigerated rooms, often standing for long hours, and are liable to suffer from respiratory disorders, frostbites and rheumatic disorders.

Animation is a perfect medium to portray safe practices in such initial stages – hygiene practices can be elaborately explained, wherein for each activity, predefined SOPs, and manual material handling practices can be communicated visually.

Safety extends to production, packaging and storage as well. Workers work at heights, exposed to electrical and mechanical hazards and work in varying temperatures. In production, manufacturing and maintenance, workers are exposed to health risks – for e.g. respiratory hazards arising from the grinding and mixing of nuts, beans, herbs emit considerable levels of dust.

Workers who process carcasses placed on a conveyor belt have to perform their tasks at conveyor’s speed, and it involves repetitive movements – they face ergonomic interventions, experience physical and mental stress.

Animated videos explain the positive side of safety, and simultaneously convey the consequences of its neglect. In the procedures mentioned above, visual impact and its recall value is critical – and animation crafted and created based on safe methods, meets these objectives.

Through animation, correct approach can be demonstrated without any hazardous experiences. For e.g. when exposed to irradiation, animated videos stress on the health and safety of the workers. Also, any exposure is invisible and difficult to visualize (especially with limited understanding or know-how), but its gravity needs to be communicated as well. Custom animated videos provide attention-to-detail in such tasks and through well-planned and thoughtful scripting, produce dynamic safety messages in various styles.

Animation can reconstruct all the scenarios – be it material handling, loading-unloading of goods from warehouses to vehicles, visitor and personnel induction or ‘driving safety’ and several others based on the needs, demands and problem-solving ideas for FMCG sector.

Language remains no barrier while delivering safety information to the target audiences. Usage of animation in FMCG strengthens the commitment to safety and puts new life into old safety messages.

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