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Continuous challenges, lateral thinking and multi-stakeholder engagement are the benchmarks of modern safety and health domain.

The way organizations meet such challenges, deploy thought leadership and successfully achieve safety and health milestones turn into a badges of honour – which weave themselves into the fabric of organizational character.

ASK-EHS in its second decade of operations has become a beacon of such fundamental traits in a rapidly growing and expanding Indian economy. To adapt and deliver proactive solutions with the wide range of integrated safety, health and environment services.

As the organization marches towards right aims, the fruition of credibility and recognition follow closely.

These incisive and consistent efforts of ASK-EHS leader, Mr. JK Anand (Founder & Director) were recognized via Safety Leadership award at EXCEED Awards, 2018 in the Silver category.

This award recognizes the outstanding contribution of an individual who over the past years have made significant contribution to reinforcing the safety bottom line of organization – over several parameters, scrutinized in close detail by the award panel (EKDKN, New Delhi).

Moving with the thought leaders was the training division which won Gold category award in Training Excellence (OHS), rising ahead of its award last year in silver category.

This event organized by non-profit Ek Kaam Desh Ke Naam (New Delhi) credits the achievements of industries and corporates based in India on Safety. Sharing the platform with the topmost organizations, some of whom are among our current integrated EHS services clients’. Nothing short of celebrating a prestigious achievement marked with a gathering of our peers and partners.

Training excellence has been close to success of ASK-EHS which has not only provided EHS services on-ground but closely trained manpower with dedicated training and skill development programs. Ensuring that the application of right tools is honed with the appropriate knowledge for the workforce.

As the years roll by in the ASK-EHS journey, one trait that is constant equates to improvements and listening to our prospective clients or partners. We are confident to continue on this path and in our way, we believe that such achievements and milestones may serve as a motivation to aim higher.

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