5 reasons for digitizing your Permit to Work (PTW) system

The PTW process is designed and managed in a way such that any activity or task can be safely executed. With changing time and tides, digital technology is considered as one of the best platforms for automating routine processes (like PTW systems). A digital PTW system can, therefore, prove to be a very effective option for many industries where permits are raised regularly. A digital platform provides many benefits to corporations – both in operations and in providing valuable information.

Why would you want to digitize your PTW system? Here are 5 great reasons…

  1. Convenience in carrying out a PTW process
    A digital platform makes it convenient for carrying out the PTW issuance process. For instance,
    • Lengthy, intricate, and voluminous jobs usually engage large number of agencies, authorities and work-forces. Tackling a variety of hazardous work along with the application of ‘lockout-tagout’ isolation systems, becomes a gigantic task. One has to run about, contact people personally, take their clearances & approvals, make entries on the forms with appropriate and authorized signatures and many more such activities. A digital PTW process can make this process simple and easy to monitor.
    • When the control centers are located at far distances and in tough geographical terrain, exercising physical control becomes extremely tedious and time consuming. A digital permit can be shared / sent through the entire authorization process without consuming time or travelling through physically
    • If any reference is needed with previous jobs undertaken earlier, one has to search the same physically from a library of paper based documents. Digital repositories can search through a myriad of documents using simple prompts or commands.
    • The authority in command is faced with large number of PTW applications for various locations of an industrial complex. One has to scrutinize all the PTW applications taking into consideration the entire work processes. A digital PTW system enables him/her to carry out such work easily.
  2. Digitalization – the Need of the hour
    • An automated, ‘web-based’ application saves time and resources and enhances transparency in managing and monitoring the PTW process.
    • A digital process is largely developed with the purpose of reducing time, resources and energy taken, when following the approval channels within the PTW premise
    • Real-time notification mechanisms alert authorities about permit requests, permit applications’ pending approvals and any immediate steps to be taken in active or ‘Live’ permits etc.
    • An electronic data storage system, making it easy to maintain the history of the PTW system components. One can even retrieve and maintain empirical records for audits and analytical purposes.
    • Real-Time status of any work certainly gives an edge to decision makers.
  3. A consistent and uniform permit issuance process

    Companies having various plants/facilities spread across vast geographies, might be following different PTW processes. Standardization of the PTW system can be a huge logistical and systemic challenge. A digital permit to work system can be one of the primary solutions. A digital system helps in designing and maintaining all the forms, workflows, reporting standards, approval mechanisms, hazards & it’s control measures, risk management and all the checklists that are being followed, for carrying out the work activity accurately, safely and efficiently. Any change in any of the standards of a work permit, can be done through a central control center, electronically.

  4. A digital PTW system for operational effectiveness
    A digital PTW system brings along excellence in operational effectiveness for organizations as it;
    • Increases efficiency
    • Increases uptime
    • Lowers operational cost
    • Provides a transparent system
    • Can be accessed from any place (or device)
    • Brings about effective interactions without the physical presence of any individual
  5. MIS and KPIs

    For companies having plants/facilities across the globe, getting regular updates and/or reports about the work permits can be a huge challenge. Control centers in corporate offices might want reports about permits that are in circulation. Similarly, for individual plants, preparing such reports might be tedious. Preparing such reports manually, might be prone to human errors and inaccuracies.

    A digitally enabled PTW system can provide accurate information at the simple click of a button. Predictive analytics, Insightful trends, Statistical graphs & charts etc. are part of any digital ecosystem. Companies can benefit from such “real-time” and “click-ready” reports for better decision making.

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