5 reasons you need a professional safety team on site

safety team

There has been an upward trend globally to introduce better monitoring and vigilance technologies at project sites which can deliver information at the click of a button.

Large scale construction sites of all nature, now have cameras and even drone surveillance which can provide the overall picture of how things are happening at the project site. Similar, technologies have been deployed in oil and gas, power transmission and other such sectors.

However, these technologies are a tool for keeping vigilance of the behavior and actions being undertaken by the workers and crew members at the worksite. What it doesn’t encompass is the art of influencing worker behavior and actions for safer work practices through a continued and trusted relationship with them. This might be possible, only when a dedicated safety professional team is present on-site.

Data from an Ernst and Young report cites environment, health and safety as the 3 key operational excellence components for the oil and gas sector. A similar portrayal with respect to on site project management is projected by several leading consultants and auditors from across the world.

safety team

So here are 5 valuable reasons for you to deploy a professional safety team on-site:

1) Health and safety receive priority treatment at your worksite with a dedicated, qualified and technically proficient team advising and undertaking necessary steps to make the worksite more suited for safer work.

2) Apart from fortifying safer works, on-site training is readily available to your workforce without putting in too much efforts as the professional safety team can deliver crucial information to cement workforce understanding related to health and safety concerns arising at worksite.

3) The training being delivered at your worksite can have a lasting and compounding effect on your health and safety bottom line. This magnified positive effect is exerted as trainings help the workers understand the necessity of safe work practices, thereby ensuring better work management and is also demonstrated towards a safer man-machine-materials management. Cost saving through fewer injuries and efficient work are tangible.

4) Professional safety team are also capable of ensuring works’ in accordance with the guiding rules and laws that apply both to the workforce and the construction being undertaken. The use of standard equipment, such as choosing scaffolding material or selecting the correct PPEs in form of safety harnesses or helmets can be identified and advised by them.

5) The professional safety team will also offer a unique perspective on worksite operations as they will not share the biases present at the worksite which the workforce has inculcated over the years working on similar projects. This is especially necessary to provide a fresh set of eyes to the crucial operations and makes it easier for them to suggest corrective and preventive actions.

construction sites

There is a growing concern and a dire need around the world nowadays to ensure that any constructions, operations, manufacturing or production activity undertaken should have a minimal footprint towards the environment and its elements.

A professional safety team will offer the competency to check for these, suggest remedial action and even advise upon sourcing capabilities, if that becomes the case.

Through the increasing scrutiny via legislations along with the keen and observant social vigilance, a professional safety team can help you maneuver through all this, safely and with authoritative confidence.


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