Retention of Employees is more important than Recruiting Employees.

Retention of Employees


The long-term goals and objectives of an organization enables its  employees to have  stability and a progressive career outlook. To ensure productivity, quality and safety in an organization, employees need to align themselves with the culture of their organization. The expertise and skills of existing employees  enhances a company’s culture. Talented employees are an asset for any organization. It is well known that retention of employees is more important than recruitment of employees.

Loyalty of the candidate is one of the most desirable attributes which helps an employer to retain employees. Manpower solution provider companies are required to explore such candidates and employers to understand the mind-set of candidates to recruit and retain the best and competent talented personnel.

Now-a-days workshops are being conducted to understand the culture of a client to assess the candidates with requisite background on their attitude towards safety management system. During the selection process, it must be observed that the candidate being recruited has fresh perspectives, new mind set and relevant experience to accelerate the growth of self and of the Organization. Such candidates are an asset to an organization as they bring new ideas, advanced technology and methods backed with techno commercial knowledge and information. For safety management system, selection criteria for the right candidate for the right job is a systematic recruitment process.

Since the globalization and mass migration of manpower, individual choice for the safety management system and for the organization is one of the greatest assets. Organizations need to plan their manpower requirement anticipating potential change and uncertainty. They need to develop a flexible and resilient workforce strategy for their businesses. For HSE, specialization in health and safety and knowledge of requisite standards is most important factor. To maintain a balanced workforce as per the need of  global standards, diversity in skill-set, mindset, gender, and work experience at different levels are to be considered.

Retention of Employees

The top leadership of organizations  are aiming towards sustainability and giving importance to safety management system. The position of manager and team leader for safety management is very high and cannot be undermined; hence recruitment process must be focused specifially on specialization in this field along with relevant experience. A recruitment consultant needs to have trained experts to deal with managerial level professionals.

Selection process of the right candidate at entry-level position requires preparation by recruiter to find the right candidate for safety management. Candidates need to undergo formal training for basic soft skills, relevant technical skills and interviewing skills to help them  fit in a particular job profile. For mid-level employees, the selection process has limited challenges because they have gained skills and experience over the years.

Organizations face the challenge for permanent and a contingent of manpower with talent and competency in their respective fields of work. Manpower outsource company has innovative recruitment solutions to meet the rapidly changing talent and competency requirement at workplace. There are short-term assignments, long term assignments and permanent placement of manpower. Candidate having required qualification, knowledge, experience and talent can match the right position.

In today’s competitive business environment, employers prefer contract manpower with required specialization for special projects, existing unit expansion work and planned shutdown. There is a trend to recruit contract employees for short term or  long term. As per the present trend, contract placement has become a career option for many safety professionals as well. Hence, the companies have to offer customized solution to their clients based on the required skill-sets, duration, and extent of scope of work. Clients can rely on manpower providers for their requirement of skilled employees which is a win-win for all the stakeholders and focus on their core business.

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