Scaffolding management software for COVID recovery at construction sites

Scaffolding management software for COVID recovery at construction sites

The current pandemic has affected the timelines of construction projects. And many firms are experiencing extended schedules and delayed commitments.

OHSE improvements and worker safety could bring large change to current job sites. to off-site construction methods. E&C companies are likely to take steps to protect themselves by restructuring and renegotiating contracts.

With facility managers looking ways to proactively address safety issues. Instead of mere reactions, data and real-time information is playing a part in forming immediate decisions that can monitor health and mitigate risks.

Building a digital infrastructure

A good safety digital partner can provide a platform that can help identify specific departmental activities.  With real-time data, like the reason of decreasing productivity and energy. . By correlating data points with the trends, digital systems can aid in corrective actions and improve safety points.

As an added advantage, the same data can influence organizational decisions at the time of new equipment and maintenance needs, potential training opportunities and process alterations.

Streamlined communication, enhanced productivity are some of the direct advantages. Such data-dependencies can ensure the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of the employees, as workers can remain healthy, alert and active at the workplace.

Integrating data into a workplace safety plan can give clarity on safety happenstances at worksites, and keep EHS professionals informed.

Safe scaffolding systems integrate safety within its design, build and operations through a world class quality management programme. It starts right from the certified scaffold trainings for concerned personnel, who are involved in erection, dismantling and any such associated works. To ensure the safe scaffold execution, a proper scaffolding management system shall be formulated and implemented seriously. There are three main factors which ensure safe execution of scaffold; standard and sufficient materials (scaffolding components), competent and certified manpower, and a strong scaffolding management system in place, which includes inspection of materials, screening the competent manpower, inspection and certification of scaffold after erection and before dismantling of scaffolding etc. This system of providing safe scaffolds is further fortified via regular inspection and on-site audits, that can anticipate, identify and mitigate fall and work at height related risks and hazards, effectively.

Automation at construction sites is another digital opportunity. Robots are helping many firms decrease their dependence on construction workers by automating repetitive steps like bricklaying. The pandemic is pushing construction companies to increasingly use drones for remote surveillance and inspection 2 of construction projects and to mitigate disruption in certain construction activities. The extent of digital adoption by E&C firms is likely to play a pivotal role in their ability to recover and thrive in the coming months; and, increasingly, an ecosystem approach is one way of accelerating the adoption.

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