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Scaffolding training

Workforce of India’s construction sector is more vulnerable than any other industrial sector of the country. ILO (International Labour Organization) data suggests that the possibility of a fatality is five times more likely in the construction industry than in a manufacturing industry, and the risk of a major injury is 2.5 times higher.25% of the deaths result from falling from height, and nearly 80% of the workers work in an unsafe environment. According to US Bureau of Statistics study, Falls account for 33% of all construction deaths, and eliminating falls in construction would save more than 300 lives every year.

The Importance of Scaffold Safety Training

It is estimated that approximately 2.3 million construction workers incorporate scaffolds while doing their work, which is roughly 65% of the construction workforce. With so many workers exposed to hazards from scaffolds, scaffold safety demands utmost priority.

Scaffolding happens to be one of the biggest contributors of accidents – fatal, serious and ordinary in nature throughout the world, but mostly in the third world and construction industry. This is due to unplanned and haphazard work methodology, untrained manpower, inadequate and inefficient supervision and overall management failure.

Trade-specific & Tailor-made Scaffolding Management System Training

In recent time ASK-EHS, one of the premier institutions providing Scaffolding Management System Training, has deputed three scaffolding specialists (Mr. N T Jadav – Head Scaffolding  Management  &  EHS Training, Mr. Arun Senthil Raj.G – Sr. EHS Trainer & Auditor, and Harshit Lohiya – Trainer & Auditor) to provide scaffolding management system technical know-how by conducting training programs for construction teams.

3 generation Scaffolding training

Client Requirements

This Scaffolding Management System training program was prepared for a specific and specialized requirement aimed at senior & middle management construction personnel and shop floor scaffolding erectors for one of the reputed EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) Contractor. Presently, this organization is engaged in providing their services on a construction project for a prestigious oil & gas industry in Rajasthan. ASK-EHS has prepared trade-specific and customized training modules for the three different levels of management and workers.

Scaffolding system training

Tailor-made Solutions provided by ASK-EHS

ASK-EHS, being one of the well-known institutions to provide trade-specific structured training, took it as a challenge and gave a tailor-made solution to meet the specific need of EPCC contractor which covers unrivalled expertise, in-depth understanding of Scaffolding System and research & technology led service solutions. ASK-EHS has worked with several industries namely Construction & Infrastructure, Engineering, Electrical & Electronic, Power Plant, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Refinery, Iron, Cement & Steel Plant, Metal & Mining, Chemical & Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical & Life Science, Automobiles, Food, FMCG & Agriculture, Retail & Consumer durable, Shipping & Marine and many more.

Attendees of the Scaffolding Management System Training

The current scaffolding training program was for scaffolding inspector role, supervisor role and scaffold erector role. This training program was delivered in a classroom (theory) and field practical at different locations on construction site. ASK-EHS specialist provided in-depth technical knowledge, skill, competency, and practical guidance to all the relevant personnel to ensure safe erection, supervision and inspection of scaffolding work.

Scaffolding training

Learning Outcomes of the Scaffolding Management System Training

During the 6 days of the Scaffolding Management System training program, it has been observed that participants learnt about scaffold components, scaffold system, scaffold principle, classification of load duty in scaffold and scaffold erection/ dismantling methodology along with inspection and up-keep of various types of scaffold system.

Scaffolding management training


Feedback received from Client

Client had organized three different classrooms set-up for each trainer and the sessions were very interactive. The participants appreciated the training content, flow of proceeding, keeping of participants engrossed in subject matter and the technical knowledge shared with them. For practical field training session, participants were divided into small groups to form teams to build scaffold to have hands-on experience and feel of execution of scaffold system by each participant.

Scaffolding training

During the field training program, a skit on Scaffolding Supervisor role – Practical Training was organized to show actual status of field work at site involving erectors, supervisor and an inspector. Our trainers demonstrated unsafe conditions in the built scaffold, gave suitable guidance to rectify mistakes and provided solution to improve the safety of scaffold discussed during the skit performance.



On the concluding day, ASK-EHS trainers team had a joint discussion with the safety management, construction management and RCM of EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) organization wherein, the Client appreciated the entire training program and acknowledged that their construction personnel would have a safe and secured scaffolding system for their present project.  Our Trainers responded by sharing – “ASK-EHS believes in client satisfaction & success which is our aim and goal.”


Ask ehs client satisfaction

ASK-EHS, as one of the leading innovator & versatile EHS Solution provider specializing in Scaffolding, has recently completed 13 years as a most trusted and successful Scaffolding Certified Training Institution & has Trained 60,000+ individuals as Scaffolders till date.

ask ehs scaffolding services

ASK-EHS comprises a highly trained scaffolding team, right from execution to management hierarchy, for its maintenance & provides a complete scaffolding solution to its Clients. At the same time, as “Scaffolding Contractor/consultants”, we provide total services for access management at worksite as well.

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