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EHS Supervisor

EHS Supervisor and EHS Steward

Prestigious dedicated safety programme, under certification and accreditation of CSDC (PMKVY and NSDC, India).

ASK-EHS Engineering and Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has grown in stature over the 12 years of its diverse, yet integrated EHS services – we’ve successfully bridged the gap between ‘skill’ and ‘matched placement’ via our training division and exclusive safety jobs portal ehs engineers.

ASK-EHS has often been looked upon by organizations as their reliable partner in safety – from trainings, to developing competency and re-skilling as per the progress made within industrial domains.

ASK-EHS through its dedicated and talented workforce rose to the industrial challenges in diverse industrial domain to provide a comprehensive EHS backbone, on-demand with the flexibility of choosing time durations. Critical to this has been the skill assessment and upgradation programs which carry a competency card. Accredited, both by national and internationally acclaimed certification authorities.

However, up until now, a government endorsed and vetted safety programme had been crucially missing from the safety scenario. A P.G diploma or advanced diploma in safety remained the pivot for a plethora of safety, health and environment, job-skill avenues. Similarly, building-construction and construction engineering organizations faced challenge, when it came to skill development and re-skilling for their workforce.

ASK-EHS is now helping organizations overcome this hurdle by running skill development programs under the banner of Government of India sponsored, CSDC, NSDC and PMKVY schemes.

We are now certified and accredited Training partners and centers for EHS Supervisor (Level 6) and EHS Steward (Level 4).

This presents a tremendous opportunity for the novice safety starters who can get guaranteed placement and the express skill development programme with ASK-EHS. This also spells success for already working personnel who wish to align themselves with the modern skill India mission and create better placement potential for the future.

Scaffolding and Rigging

The fast paced development which India has experienced over the last 15 years is nothing short of a magnificent achievement.

Scaffolding and Rigging remains the most VITAL aspect in building-construction-engineering domain. These directly contribute and influence central risks at any worksites: related to workforce, material, machinery and overall EHS aspects.

ASK-EHS has ably trained, recruited and deployed skilled manpower for several organizations with specialty in executing scaffolding and rigging operations.

A key component brought to the challenge of measuring competency in this technical field was simplified by ASK-EHS through national and international certification accredited by globally recognized bodies.

The missing element of government accredited certification is now also available as ASK-EHS becomes a training partner and center under the CSDC (NSDC and PMKVY scheme) started by the Government of India, Skill development Minsitry.

The benefits of scaffolding and rigging certification are many fold:

  • New and better job opportunities.
  • Valid and vetted certificates for safety assurance.
  • Reliable and good training platform.
  • Better and efficient work practices.
  • Smoother operations for organizations.

To learn and understand more about this program and see what difference ASK-EHS can deliver with these Government of India, Skill development Ministry certified programmes, please write in to:

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