Sleep economy:- Why does it need your attention

Sleep economy

The youth these days hardly believe in the saying, “Early to bed and Early to Rise makes a man Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.”

Screen times, binge-watching, or even working late hours have left the world with very little sleep time. Plus, people have started believing that quality matters over quantity, even concerning sleep. 

Believe it or not, 32.6% of working adults reported sleeping six or fewer hours per night in 2017-2018, up from 28.4% in 2008-2009.

So does all the data warn us that insufficient sleep and careless attitude are hazardous for our future?

Just like safety observation software saves from incidents, the right amount and quality of sleep amplify a healthy lifestyle.

The rising need to focus on the quality and quantity of sleep has given rise to terms like sleep economy, sleep stats, and even sleep pods. Sleep pods are becoming a fashion statement, and sleep stats are alarming, so let us focus on the sleep economy.

What is the Sleep Economy? 

Sleep economy is relatively everything connected to making an individual’s sleep better and happier. It consists of products, applications, services, and even appliances to help individuals improve their sleep quality and quantity.

India is said to be the cultural capital of the world. Right from yoga to best life practices, India has been leading the world ever since. So, where does India stand when it comes to sleep behaviour?

Well, it is sad news to break that India’s stats about sleep are not as good as they should be. Not only the youth but the senior population is also sleep deprived. Is this because of modernization and digitalization? Well, it sure is a debatable topic.

But if a large population is sleep deprived, it becomes a time to invest in the sleep economy. 

Every aspect of the sleep economy ensures that the customer receives the best sleep quality. Let us look at what the sleep economy consists of.


Using the correct products like mattresses, sleep cushions, lighting, apparel, and ambient products amplifies sleep quality. Proper surroundings with essential sleep products increase REM sleep and ensure that the body rests undisturbed. 

Getting up with sore muscles is another primary health concern of today’s people. Therefore, the correct mattress and cushion ensure the proper posture while relaxing muscles. 


Sleep economy services include nap clubs, wellness classes, and coaching to help you sleep better. These services are proven to benefit individuals in more ways than possible. There is an increase in workplaces availing and gifting sleep economy services for the employees’ overall health. 


Believe it or not, Do Not Disturb is the most prominent feature for a good night’s sleep. Such applications in electronic gadgets not only help you get a good night’s sleep but also measure it. These apps have inbuilt voices, stories, and music, certified by doctors for a good night’s sleep. From soothing stories to melodious voices, customers have various choices according to their liking. 


Yes, there is a wide range of apparel to help you sleep better. Comfortable clothing is essential for a restful sleep. The type of fabric and nightsuit matter a lot. Some brands cater exclusively to night clothes and have fabrics to melt for!

Ambient Products

The intelligent life we are walking towards has given us the boon to create an ambiance wherein we can sleep well. From lighting to blackout curtains, sleep as your bodies want to—the more snuggly the atmosphere, the more peaceful the sleep.

Should You Invest?

Now you know the excessive scale at which the sleep economy is boosting. So is it worth investing?

Well, every second of your time is productive if you have a good night’s sleep. And for that, a little investment can go a long way. You can only imagine the healthy and happy body you can get with ample hours and a night of qualitative sleep.

Even Dalai Lama has said,” Sleep is the best Meditation.”

Therefore go ahead and explore the market and do everything to “sleep like a baby!”


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